Monday, March 24, 2008


It is 349am.

Kayden and I are sitting here in the beach house.

Listening to the crickets whilst trying to lull ourselves back to sleep.

This is our last night here and we had so many fun memories in the last seventy two hours.

My lil boy is all grown up now.

Seeing him standing in the big wide ocean as he awaits the arrival of a wave, just so that he can jump at the right moment, makes me realise how strong and focused he has become.

Watching him as he dashes towards the water without any inhibitions has made me realise that fear is all but a state of mind.

But most of all, being here to witness the tender moments that he shares with his lil brother and his Daddy is what it really is all about.

Hubbi loves spending time with the boys. Despite his best intentions of wanting to laze on the beach, most of the time, he's standing out there in the big ocean with one of the boys, holding their hands as the waves come in. Or he is playing ball or frisbee with them.

Not much time to lie on the beach at all. :)

Anyway, that's the beauty of being Mom. Sometimes we cannot be involved in all their activities. We have to curb that want so that the kids can learn from their Daddy. It is so important in their growth.

I guess I am also lucky that I have a wonderful hubbi who adores his two lil 'uns. He would give up everything just to be there for them.

Ah the lessons we learn from beach...

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