Monday, March 31, 2008

Eyes Wide Shut

I am ready to go to bed.

Superhero(es) need their rest too.

Or else, we'll remain Clark Kent for the rest of our lives.

God give me strength for tomorrow.

(Good) night.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random ME updates #2348932

  1. "The NoKids Diet" - OMG I swear if people ever wondered why they don't regret not having kids, tonight would be the night that they would be proven right.

    We had dinner @ a vietnamese joint in footscray tonight. Picked the kids up from daycare before we scooted off for dinner.

    The kids were due for a nap as their last one was a couple of hours ago. Pair this with the afternoon tea that they usually have @ 430pm that would contain the wonderful substance called sugar, and we have a product called cranky hyperactivity.

    Needless to say, dinner was a thrill. I was this close from putting them up for adoption in the local papers. Gawd.

  2. TGIF - I love my job. I love it that I work in a really flexible environment. The new boss is terribly wonderful to work with. I have a new laptop and gadgets to play with.

    I don't usually work Fridays. It is time off with the children.

    So when I changed teams earlier in the month, I had anticipated that my Fridays would be taken away as our team meeting is on Friday morn.

    That got me a lil razzled. I would prefer to not change my child minding situation but if it came to the crunch, I would have to hang my head and do it.

    So I had a casual chat with the LadyBoss this arvo. And long story cut short, she exempted me from the team meetings and told me that I can still have my fridays. All I had to do was to prep some documents on the day before and then I can work from home on Friday.

    I was mightily pleased about that. What a blessing huh?

  3. Building - We had our first design meeting with the builder today. After two hours of talking and more talking, we have walked away with a couple of decisions to make. Thank God for architect friends would are always around to guide us through this (expensive) project.

OMG My Thighs...

The perks of having a personal trainer as a husband...

is that you don't have to pay any fees when you need a one on one training.

The downfall is ...

despite death do us part, he has little mercy on his poor unfit wife. Boy have I used more muscles than I ever did in the last two years of my life.

I had to remind him that I am not a very young chook anymore.

It is safe to say that various parts of my anatomy will not be returning to normal function for a while. I can feel my inner thighs burning when I walk around today.

But I can feel my butt getting tighter! That's my motivation.

Will be heading back for more next week. :p

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pics from Surf Beach

Daddy and Jakey on a walk

On the first day that we got to Philip Island, we went for a walk on the beach. It's so quaint and peaceful. Water tends to have that effect on people. We like it that it's not a busy beach. Just doggies and a few surfers.

Needless to say, we spent a lot of time hanging out at the beach. The kids loved the ocean. They have no fear, I tell ya. You can tell by the looks on their faces.

Both of them would walk deeper and deeper into the ocean... till the salt water start to splish splash around their faces.

Anyway I will leave you with the pics to tell the story.
Look @ that cheeky grin.

My three wonderful boys.

One for the album.

This is just the beginning... he wanted to go deeper.

Two men and a baby.

More Mama More!

Yoda... freezing his bum off after a dip in the ocean

Monday, March 24, 2008


It is 349am.

Kayden and I are sitting here in the beach house.

Listening to the crickets whilst trying to lull ourselves back to sleep.

This is our last night here and we had so many fun memories in the last seventy two hours.

My lil boy is all grown up now.

Seeing him standing in the big wide ocean as he awaits the arrival of a wave, just so that he can jump at the right moment, makes me realise how strong and focused he has become.

Watching him as he dashes towards the water without any inhibitions has made me realise that fear is all but a state of mind.

But most of all, being here to witness the tender moments that he shares with his lil brother and his Daddy is what it really is all about.

Hubbi loves spending time with the boys. Despite his best intentions of wanting to laze on the beach, most of the time, he's standing out there in the big ocean with one of the boys, holding their hands as the waves come in. Or he is playing ball or frisbee with them.

Not much time to lie on the beach at all. :)

Anyway, that's the beauty of being Mom. Sometimes we cannot be involved in all their activities. We have to curb that want so that the kids can learn from their Daddy. It is so important in their growth.

I guess I am also lucky that I have a wonderful hubbi who adores his two lil 'uns. He would give up everything just to be there for them.

Ah the lessons we learn from beach...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

This Easter is...

... soooo much more fun than the previous ones!

We are staying at the beach house here in Philip Island. Life in the past two days has been so relaxing.

I had thought that this would be a more carefree holiday simply because the kids are old enough to know how to enjoy themselves. And true enough, this year has been rather easy on the childminding part.

A couple of things that I will always have etched in my mind.

  • Kayden, while we were leaving the beach, stopped at the seaweed which beached on the shore, covered his nose with his hand and went "Ewwwwww".

    Then this morning, he saw the rocks that Hubbi picked back from the beach and did the same thing all over again. :p

  • Jakey doing the boogey when we told him to.

  • Both kids hate being told to take a shower here. So much so that it sounds like we are spanking them when they are in the bathroom.

My best memory thus far is seeing the kids having a blast at the beach with their daddy. They held hands and jumped as the waves came in. I love seeing the kids play with Darien. The tender love that they share with their Dad.

Ahhh... another two more days of sun baking and merry making. Bring it on.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Hand that I'm Dealt With

After everything that happened in the last few days, I am very amazed and humbled by the way things have panned out.

I have to say that I didn't expect that this would ever happen in my lifespan.

Nor how everyone was willing to step up to the plate.

How it all transcended was rather amazing. And thank God everyone involved is fine and back home safe now.

I am mostly amazed at how far I've come from meeting the husband for the first time, to the place we are in right now.

How that chance meeting has turned into a life partnership.

I am blessed.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Guess Who's Home?

It's been an eventful morning...

Hubbi's flight got delayed. One lil person spilled nail polish on the floor. A tantrum filled walk.

Sighz... my day could not get any better.

Then I went to pick him up at the airport.

That was the point of difference.

The boys were so stoked to see their Daddy. They gave him big cuddles. Heaps of kisses. Kayden wanted to sit next to Dad when we had lunch. He insisted that he got carried by Darien when we walked.

All day long, they just wanted to hang out with Dad, which was cool by me.

Then in the evening we went out for a dinner date.

Two of us shared a Peking duck... hmmmm.... followed by crepes and a glass of vino at Ladros.

I like. I missed him heaps!

Life is back to normal again now that I've got my partner in crime back.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Single Parenting

Six nights away, the husband is finally coming home tomorrow.

It has been a busy week. Had to finish up some stuff at my current team before I move off to the big boss's team.

But mostly time was spent looking after the kiddos. We spent time going for walks, shopping and most importantly playing.

Darien's been away on several occasions this year. Mainly he flies up for work or courses.

The kids are usually quite cool with just having me as a companion but somehow, they are not too pleased to know that their Daddy wasn't home for a few days.

Kayden would wait up for his phonecall every night before turning in. He would insist that I call Darien in the evening so that he can say hello. He would then have a five minute conversation with his dad about how his day went.

Ah well, this had better not be happening too often. Single mom is seriously hard work. I'm a lil tired of being a super hero.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Off to the Farm we'll go...

Guess where the munchkin is going?

I woke the husband up on Saturday morn at half past eight. He was struggling to get up but I insisted. Simply because I wanted to go to the farmer's market in the Collingwood's Children's Farm.

Located in Abbotsford. Just five minutes out of the city. The farm is a community based project. Once you step inside, it totally feels like you are out in the country. It is quite a beautiful place to bring the kids to.

Portrait by Kayden

Anyway back to the farmer's market. It is held once a month on the second Saturday.

By the time we got the kids ready and such, it was almost half past nine when we left.

Parking was crazy... there were so many people there! And there were so little lots. But it was well worth it. There was so much to see and buy!
Apple Bee

We got heaps of produce for our meals this week. The apples were freshly picked the night before. The vegetables have an extra crunch to them. It was simple a step up from the market.
Fresh Pistachios for the kiddos.

The husband went, "Eh it's not very cheap huh?"

Which I replied "Well you're here for the freshest and not the cheapest"

Small, Medium and Large

Sustainable living is all about supporting the farmers and the environment. If farmers can't earn their keep, we will not have any good produce to fill our tummies. And this is the reason why we buy organic. Cause they grow their vegetables and rear their animals, with considerate measure to the environment and the land.

Daddy and his precious

The boys had fun as you can see.. Darien was very pleased with the quality of the food that we bought. I was just happy to get out early in the morning for a cuppa, some fresh air and good food.

Makes us a couple of happy souls for the day.

This Easter

After days of searching and trawling on the internet… we've finally settled on the accomodation and plans for Easter.

We are going back to Philip Island again.

For more beach, sun, food and chilling out… not forgetting the mah jong as well.

I think we are going to take it real easy this time round. The kids are older now so they can entertain themselves.

Maybe an extra day or two would be lovely.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday My Love!

Cutting the "Christmas" cake

I planned a surprise birthday lunch for the hubbi at Paringa Estate, down @ the Mornington on Sunday.

However, the thrill was taken away when Ms D casually asked what time was the lunch in front of birthday boy when we were @ the farmer's market. *smacks head*

He sorta knew we were gonna have a few people there. So no surprise there. In fact, he didn't even pretend to be shocked when he saw our friends at the table.

Paringa is known for their reds. Full bodied and peppery shiraz and a lovely smooth pinot. They were the featured winery in the James Halliday Wine Edition 2007. Totally worth the 1.5 hour of travelling just for their wines.

We had a lovely time catching up on silly gossip whilst the kids had their own lil fish and chips. They looked so grown up eating with their knives and forks.

Hubbi loves lunches like these. Good food, great wines, family and friends are his thing these days. He's really quite a homely guy.

The surprise of the day was the cake! He totally did not expect it and it was so funny how he was pleasantly stoked to see the host bringing out the cake with everyone singing the birthday song.

Kayden was sooo cute… he kept going "Happy Happy." (which kinda gave the game away when I had to sneak the candles in the bag… he wanted to take them out to play with them).

I wonder what we will be doing next year.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oh and today is special because...

I remember the first time I saw him. He was at the gym in uni pumping weights. *eye candy* We probably would not have ever met, if not for a common classmate that we had. We needed a third member in our project team as we didn't want to shoulder the crazy workload. So R roped him in as the third leg.

The first conversation we had was about plagarizing. He warned me not to do it *doh* Not very exciting.

Then somehow or another we went out for a casual date and it all just snowballed from there.

I remember our lil rocky start. We had this fight one day and I was so mad that I couldn't sleep so I would walk over to his apartment and buzz his bell at 3 in the morn. Only to no avail. (yes this will be on your record, my love)

He asked me to be his girlfriend one day. I can't exactly remember where. But I knew I wanted to be with him. I was already missing him when he was not around.

Our courtship was rather exciting. We were young and rather impulsive. (oops I meant me) And we used to go on roadtrips so very often.

It has been almost six years since that day. We have obviously grown up in more ways than one.

Today the big man turns a year older. And truth is… if you looked at his pictures, he has not aged a day! Arghz!

So my love, I just wanna tell you that I enjoy your company heaps and I am so glad to have you as my partner in this life. It is not often we can find someone that we can not only have a romantic relationship but a friend as well. Someone who tells you so often that he wants to be with you till death do us part.

A man who relishes his role as a dad and constantly reminds me of the joy he has seeing his kids grow. A man enjoys his job and is as equally passionate about his continuous upgrading of his knowledge. A man who enjoys the simple pleasures of life.

For this, I am humbled and honored to be your wife. And this would be a terribly exciting year for you, hey?! I love you baby!
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