Thursday, January 31, 2008

Werribee Zoo

Jakey the Adventurer sets off

So after forking out $XXX on the annual membership for Friends of the Zoo (FOTZ)... we decided that we betta make full use of the entitlements that we have in a year.

We have visited the Melbourne Zoo twice thus far and so we thought we would give the Werribee one a shot during the long weekend.

So off we went on our noble way, thinking that we would be enthralled by the wild safari setting that we were promised. Only to find out that, we had to be booked into the safari bus tour to experience the Safari side of things.

And the earliest time they had was 2.5 hours after we arrived.


We decided to walk around the zoo with the kiddos. And I swear this is probably the smallest zoo I ever came across, for we were done in 40 mins! *arghz*

We didn't want to hang around cos it was so hot and humid that day. The kids were cranky and we didn't want to spend time pacifying them while waiting. In the end, we decided that it was a lil silly for us to wait around for the tour. We'll just have to come back earlier the next time round, I'd supposed.

Anyhooz, here are some pics of the day...

@ the African replicated Hut

He loved this off roader display @ the Lions display

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