Monday, February 04, 2008

Parenting Gripe

The thing with parenting is… the good comes with the bad.

You see, the boys are at their most active stage to date.

They are very very cute at most times. Imitating the cheeky behavior of the other. Cracking up jokes so that the other would laugh. Ride on the tricyle or cars that they have and chase each other around the house.

Then comes the other side of the fence where they will fight for the same toy. Demand for attention at the same time. Refuse to take naps. Be whingey and whiney about things.

Needless to say, it's a lot of work @ the moment. We are pretty much up to the neck with work, household chores and the kiddos. It's so time consuming and tiring that it's not funny. Arghz...

The husband has a much cooler head when it comes to the kids. Most things don't really faze him.

I, however, am a lil short lately with the lil monkey behavior that happens during the days when I spend time with them. Sometimes I have to punish one to sit in the corner, when the stern warnings don't work. And sometimes they will get a lil whack on the bum.

Anyway to cope with this, we have consciously cut down on all the unneccessary sugar intake those kiddos inhale daily. Shorten the TV time.

And then he suggested that I get some time out from the kids during the week. Like take up tennis again AND/OR do yoga.

Which I'm working in my head… how am I going to slot the time into my week. But I guess I will have to, considering that the man goes and play in two basketball leagues during the week.

Maybe it's just time to do something for me!

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