Thursday, February 28, 2008

All Better

Ok.. so after the last few rather depressive and angry posts, I am glad to say that I am feeling a whole lot better.

I've learnt that I've never felt that broken in my life.

And then the thing I can do whilst feeling so down, was to look up and see the blessings I have around me.

God has been good.

He always sends his angels to look out for me.

See even when I was wallowing in my own self pity, I still kept up my appearances for work, playgroups, lunch dates, parties and walks.

In doing these, I realise that I am seeing parts of my life in the friends that I meet.

I feel the support of my girls. My husband, who when I was so close to giving up, told me that he would do more if needed to make things better.

My kids are obviously very oblivious to my moods cos I am very much just the same old mom to them. But that is the blessing of kids. They laugh to make you smile.

I went for lunch at a hole in the wall place with a friend who was spending her last day here in Melbourne. I shared with her my journey throughout my Aussie life. She recipocrated by telling me about her life stories as well.

One thing she asked, "Do you regret your decisions, ever?"

And I replied without a moment of hesitation, "No. It has always been wonderful treading down this road with the husband who always stands by me."

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