Tuesday, January 08, 2008


We went for a movie dualthon on Friday.

Had a couple of movies on my TO WATCH list so I managed to convince the husband to let me pick the films. (He was/is dying to watch "I am Legend")

So at 6.15 we left quick instructions for the nanny and dashed out, as always.

First up was "Enchanted". So good! Really funny and whimsical. I loved the fact that it's still soo Disney and yet to updated to today's living. And Prince Charming (James Marsden) as a himbo?! Oh my... Amy Adams was lovely and now that I'm older, I find Patrick Dampsey to be quite a cutie. O dear!

Then we took a short breather and went off for "PS I love you". OMG. If there ever was a film that closely depict the relationship that I have with Darien, this would be it! I'm not sure if he would ever do the letters thing shld something taboo happens. But watching it just hits so close to home that I teared a couple of times during the movie. It was definitely worth every penny of it. I loved every part of it. I love the witty banter. Hillary Swank's wardrobe. The songs.

The husband was so touched by the film that he kept telling me how he cannot live without me ever. :)

Go see it. You will see a piece of yourself in the film. I bet you will be touched by what you see! I think I'm going to buy the book now.

"I love you Holly. You were the chapters of my life but I will only be a chapter
in yours"

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