Thursday, January 17, 2008


To summarise the day.

  • All Grown Up - I walked the kids to daycare, as usual. Popped them into the room with some brekkie and when I was about to go, I told Kayden that Mommy was going to work. He then gave me a reassuring "aww you have a good day Mom" kinda hug and a kiss and bid me adieu. No tears and tantrums. :)

  • All Scratched Up - When I met the husband for the walk back home, I realised that he's got a bruise on his eyelid, scratches on his neck, forehead and chest. I sussed him out about his day and he was quite nonchalant about anything unusual that happened during the day.

    Then later on, he said that the boys and him had a UFC Fighting Style Competition in the arvo. For those of you not in the know, it is ring fighting with no rules and no holds-bar. And you win by submission. Except these dodos did it in the gym. Sighz. Boys will always be boys. No matter how old they are.

    I was not very impressed but hey, he had his fun.

  • Eye Candy - Opps I meant Tennis. Was watching bits of the match between Marat Safin and Marcos Bagdadis. Very intensive and wonderful rallying.

    I've always like Bagdadis... he reminds me of a big teddy bear. Safin is as always the more temperamental player.

    I was very tempted to pick up my racket and practise some strokes. Maybe if we can find time this weekend, we'll have a game.

  • Swell Feet Swell - I miscalculated my steps today. I'd totally forgotten that I had to go buy a present for the boss's baby gal. And I wore my sky high Costume Nationals. *love* Needless to say, 2 hours later, a couple of blisters have appeared. Dang!

Anyway here are some pics of the two monsters lately.

His hair's too long so he borrowed my hairband for some vision.

The terror twosome and their informidable teddy bears!

Kayden making a face with lovely Georgie!

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