Monday, December 31, 2007

My Take on 2007

And just like that we are in the final hours of 2007.

My thoughts on ending this year? I'm not even sure how to sum it up, to be honest. So let's break it down into categories.

This year has been very exciting for me. On a hindsight, we crammed a lot of things into this tiny year.

It has been a year of discovery for me.

I returned to work in the middle of the year. After having several discussions with Darien, I realised that I needed to do something for myself. Whilst I love my time with my children, it is hard to separate the ME from the Mom.

I constantly felt like I was giving and yet I was doing nothing for myself. And then I got a lil resentful of the time the husband gets to himself when he was out working.

So when my maternity leave was up, he urged me to go back to work. Just so that I can have some individual time. We hired a nanny, who turned out to be the loveliest girl ever. And the boys adore her.

I took a backseat to what I was previously doing so that I can opt for a four day week. Why? I wanted to have more downtime with the children. To have the chance to bring them to playgroup on Friday. And have one on one time with them both. It has been wonderful. I get to be me for four days and then mom for the remaining three. It makes me happy.

So being happy makes me appreciate what I have. I loved the fact that I was making new friends and having adult interaction once more. I've learnt that office politics never go away. I've rediscovered time management in a more detailed manner. And I've learnt to be responsible for my own personal growth, which I've terribly neglected for the past two years.

My Husband
There probably isn't a better person to be with in this life.

He who knows my heart and touches my soul.

It is always marriage before children for us. It is such a important factor.

Darien has always been my rock. He just works so hard for everything that we have. That said, I think he compartmentalize his life pretty well. He cares about his team @ work. Finds time to play in not one BUT TWO basketball leagues. *sighs* His biggest role is probably being a daddy to the boys. He's really hands on with them and he has such heart and patience for them.

We also worked a lil harder in our relationship. In more ways than one, we've always tried to find time for just the two of us. We went out more. Left the kids with babysitters. And then when the kids go to bed, we'll put on a DVD to catch up movies that we've missed.

Also with me working, I've learnt to appreciate the effort he makes to come home a lil earlier these days. I guess we've reached a new level of being life long partners, heh.

I still love being married to you hunni. :p

My Boys
We started the year off with champers at a friend's apartment. It was a time where the boys were still babies. Kayden just started to walk and Jakey was just a lil bub.

Fast forward twelve months and we watched them both become full blown toddlers. Both are vivacious and strong willed characters. They have so much joy in them. Most of the time, they would just crack each other up with their antics. And it's terribly endearing to see.

Best of all, they realise that they are brothers. They still fight @ times but they look out for each other too. This is what we want to impart to them. The need to love each other.

Parenting them is an experience. I swear nothing can be as challenging as that. (well, maybe maintaining a business). That is why we are stopping @ two for the moment, till they are slightly older. I think we just want to take the time to watch them grow and still have time for us.

Decisions Decisions

This was a year of trust for us. We had to make a few important decisions about our lives.

It was probably in the middle of the year that we discussed about the possibility of relocating. It was a heart breaking one to make as we love our current life. However, we had to think about our retirement plans and the kids' future. So for that to happen, we had bigger plans for us instore back home.

With that in mind, we continued our search for our investment/base in Melbourne. And I'm pleased to say that we finally decided on a plot of land, which we subsequently bought. It sits on a hill and faces the valley. We loved the view and the size of it.

I didn't write about it because I felt that it's taboo talking about it till the papers are signed but now that it's all been done. We just have to discuss the building plans now.

So that's just about all I have for this year. All in all it was a really good year for us. God has always been faithful, even in times that we are not. Here's to a lifechanging 2008. :)

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