Saturday, December 08, 2007

Da Noi

Dinner with the husband is always a treat.

Not becos the food is exquisite (which is mostly true)

It's just the rare pockets of time spent alone with him that makes everything special.

We dined @ Da Noi on Friday evening. I wore my new Collette Dinnigan backless dress and my new heels. (My special part of the evening)

Da Noi was a narrow restaurant. Tiny in size but the food was very well presented and thought of. My husband loves the idea that the menu changes with the produce that were available that day.

It was a lovely experience. We were seated in the courtyard. The food was simple and fresh. (His special part of the evening) The Tasmanian lobster with tagatalle was definitely the highlight of the evening. According to the waiter, they arrived alive and kicking just the day before.

Service was quite interesting. The waiter had his own sense of humor whilst making sure that we had everything that we needed.

The hubbi and I had a wonderful time. We spoke of the week. The kids. The house. The relocation. The people sitting around us!

I am a very lucky girl to have a husband who loves me to bits. He never fails to indulge in me in the good things in life. But more importantly, he simply adores me in more ways than one and gave me the two biggest loves of my life. Now that is something that money will never be able to buy

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