Thursday, December 06, 2007

All I want for Christmas!

  1. Threadless Tees - Tis' very addictive. We can literally spent hours looking at what tees to buy becos everything's USD$10 @ the moment. So in the end, we settled for 12 tops between the four of us. But shipping will take a while so we won't see our clothes for a bit.

  2. Michael Buble - I finally got tickets to see the man in June next year. Have to factor in the chance of us not living here by then. BUT I'm very very excited! My hubbi thinks that we will be fine just buying his CD. He said he's not sure if anyone can beat the standard that JT set. So we'll see... I've always liked him. He's cute and he can sing. Ha!

  3. Bon Jovi - My gosh! Melbourne tix sold out in 37 secs. What the! Anyhowz, I managed to get FLOOR tickets for the show in Jan in Sydney. So we are off on a short trip again! I CANNOT WAIT. This is gonna be one hellava concert! And we are already half way there!

  4. My Christmas present - Hubbi decided to be a generous Claus this year. ( He always has been. I'm a terribly spoilt wife) He gave me three really generous options of what he can get me. And I am stoked! I love them all but I just cannot decide which one I want! O Dear! And there is no raincheck so I have to claim it by Christmas.

  5. His Christmas present - Still in the works. I've got a few things in my head but it keeps changing. Tsk tsk. No wonder he said that I'm easier to buy for!

  6. The kids' presents - They will be so spoilt this year cos it's an accumulation of Chrissy gifts as well as belated birthday presents. Where are we going to store them all?!!!

I am feeling like the luckiest girl in the world @ the moment! :p

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