Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thinking Thoughts

Some days I allow myself to dream of the times when I was just me.

Ya know, the days when I was single. No kids. No worries.

I tend to forget that it was only three years ago when life was quite adhoc and carefree. When the husband and I used to just go on road trips once in a while.

How quickly has time fly?

We are almost reaching the end of this year and whilst most things have remained the same… some things have definitely changed for the better.

I still dunno what I was thinking when I agreed to the Big Move with the husband. But I know things will always work its way out. I guess if you dun work as a team, things will definitely fall apart.

I have had my moments where I shake my head and go "what the hell am I thinking?"

I am still not sure how I'm going to like the hot humid weather. I love dressing up in my layers and coats. I love my work. I love my shopping here in Melbourne. I love my food, my produce and basically, my life.

But then again, with the the kids, it's always better to have support around. It's always better for children to grow up in an extended family Or at least that is what I am telling myself.

Gosh! Have I gone from the young wide eyed adult to a mommy with all that responsibilities that I used to shudder when I think about.

I mean, I'm no longer afraid of financial commitments, of being responsible for someone else, of dedicating my life to that one person, of knowing that life is definitely more than your monthly income.

I have grown up… albeit too quickly sometimes.

But that is how life goes, hey?

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