Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kayden Turns TWO!

Blowing the candles

The lil one turned two today so we had a lil celebration at his daycare center. We had to get the cake from the supermarket becos of the strict ingredients rule in the center. They insisted on labels which show what's inside the cake.


So I took half a day off today to hobble down to celebrate my firstborn's 2nd birthday. Bought him a prezzie that I thought he would be wowed with and then met the hubbi to go see the kids.

We waited outside his room whilst the caretakers lined them up and brought them out to the piazza area for their arvo tea. He was so thrilled to see us when he walked out of the door that we got heaps of cuddles.

Yummy Cake

Those kids in the center were the cutest. This lil girl, Z, was asking if we have a special cake cos she likes special cake. Soooooo cute and definitely fuels my want to have a lil girl on my own. After singing the birthday song, they all devoured the cake. Some even asked for seconds. I guess you will never find a kid that doesn't like chocolate.

Thomas the Engine!

And here's what we got for the birthday boy! A lil trike that he really loves, for now!

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