Friday, October 05, 2007

A Day @ the Zoo

We wanted to do something kid friendly for Kayden's birthday so we decided to bring them both to the Melbourne Zoo.

It was a glorious sunny day. The zoo was a perfect choice. There is so much space for the kids to explore and to learn. However, as the zoo's too big for us to complete everything in a day, we have to go back again. We signed up as Friends of the Zoo so that we can have unlimited access to the public zoos in Australia for a year.

I've forgotten how much fun zoos can be. So many things to see and so much information to learn.

Those kiddos had a ball. But halfway through, Kayden got tired so we had to carry Jakey all the way through while he slept in the pram.

Off we go

Hmmm no monkeys in sight

Me and my lil champ... ain't he cute!

With Daddy @ the Elephant Hut

Monkees in a hut searching for gorillas

Lil J so excited after seeing a Mangrill aka Baboon

Look Daddy! See what I see!

My birthday boy! Note the seat change!

All Tired out!

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