Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Comme Kitchen

The husband suggested a dinner date late Friday arvo. I think he knew that I needed some adult time before succumbing to kiddo overdose.

So we went to Comme for dinner. Heard great things about them. So I always wanted to hop in for a meal.

I managed to get a last minute booking a couple hours before so I jumped at it.

Comme resides at Alfred Place, right in the middle of the city. We had been to the building before for theatre but that was way before the restaurant was there.

Comme has two separate areas. A huge bar where the office crowd hung around for Friday evening drinks and then the dining area is this lil space under the huge stairwell. A tad strange in my point of view. It kinda felt like a mess hall, you know, where you eat during camps.

We didn't have a good start to our dining experience there. For one, the hostess showed us to the table and then it took about 15 minutes before we were acknowledged by the waiters there. Then it took them a lil while before we got our menus. And then it took a bit for us to order as well.

The first sign of trouble started when the wine came, the waiter went on to pour it when I noticed that it was a different bottle from the one that I requested. After highlighting it to him, he went, "oh we ran out of the other bottle. This is just as good. Haven't you heard of Mesh before?"

This kinda blew me off going back ever again. 1. You do not just assume that that is the wine that I want. 2. If you dun have the drink that I requested, it's common courtesy to bring me the wine list so that I can make another selection. 3. Pretending that it's all good and praying that I won't notice the difference is just not acceptable.

Yes, the substitute reisling was good. But it was dampened by the lack of service.

The entrees came. The food, I have to say, is really beautiful. We enjoyed every morsel of it. It took them a while to notice that we were finished. So the plates took a lil while to be cleared.

Then when the mains came, we confirmed that the service was tragically lacking in this place. You see, the husband ordered two entrees instead of a main dish. The waiter brought out my snapper and TWO OF THE ENTREES that he ordered! *smacks head*

This, my friend, is not acceptable in all rules. The kitchen should've known that you bring out one dish after another. Not TWO at the same time. So whilst the hubbi was having his truffle tortellini, the quail sat in the middle of the table….. Turning cold.

We noted that to the waiter and he went," But you said that you wanted two entrees instead of a main." Look if we have to spell everything out whenever we dine, we might as well go to a cheaper place to eat.

The trouble with Comme, we noticed, is the lack of good service. Most of the time, there are NO waiters at the room. They flit in and out of the room. It's hard to command their attention. The door that leads to the bar slams sometimes. The bass from the loud music from the bar transcends to the dining area. Not very impressive.

We were pretty content with the food. But the lack of service is more than enough for us to not go back. We headed off to the bar for some drinks and they had some good cocktails.

Overall, it was a disappointing experience. We've dined enough to know what to expect from service staff. And as much as I want to like Comme, as I set out to do, it needs to go up a notch with its service.

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