Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Off Peak

I'm feeling a lil "off" today.

After curing my suspected hayfever, with a hit of antihestamines, I still feel that there is a strange bug lurking somewhere in my system.

My bones are aching. My forehead's a tad feverish. And I'm cold.

Not Good.

3 litres of water is also not really helping with the situation.

Maybe I should just go home and take a nap. So God can do his job.

Then I will wake up feeling "normal" again!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Walk on the Board

It was gloriously hot today. I brought the kids to meet Darien at Alexandra Gardens, where "Get Active Melbourne" was held. It is an initiative started by the husband's company to get lil kids interested in outdoor activities. Another event to stop the ongoing crisis of obesity.

However, it was sooooooo warm that I got fried within 20 mins. The kids got cranky. They were quite pissed off with the flies. We inhaled an enormous amount of energy drinks and juices. And then we called it a day.

Then we went and got the kid his belated birthday present (from our friends) And this is him having a ball downstairs. It totally made his day.

Cox Plate Play

When the horses are out to race, the kids go out to play!

Friday, October 26, 2007

My Sunshine

Coming home to these two cheeky fellas always make my day a lot brighter!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thinking Thoughts

Some days I allow myself to dream of the times when I was just me.

Ya know, the days when I was single. No kids. No worries.

I tend to forget that it was only three years ago when life was quite adhoc and carefree. When the husband and I used to just go on road trips once in a while.

How quickly has time fly?

We are almost reaching the end of this year and whilst most things have remained the same… some things have definitely changed for the better.

I still dunno what I was thinking when I agreed to the Big Move with the husband. But I know things will always work its way out. I guess if you dun work as a team, things will definitely fall apart.

I have had my moments where I shake my head and go "what the hell am I thinking?"

I am still not sure how I'm going to like the hot humid weather. I love dressing up in my layers and coats. I love my work. I love my shopping here in Melbourne. I love my food, my produce and basically, my life.

But then again, with the the kids, it's always better to have support around. It's always better for children to grow up in an extended family Or at least that is what I am telling myself.

Gosh! Have I gone from the young wide eyed adult to a mommy with all that responsibilities that I used to shudder when I think about.

I mean, I'm no longer afraid of financial commitments, of being responsible for someone else, of dedicating my life to that one person, of knowing that life is definitely more than your monthly income.

I have grown up… albeit too quickly sometimes.

But that is how life goes, hey?

Monday, October 22, 2007

A Brief One on Being Two

I love my two year old to bits.

This has to be the cutest period of his entire life. He is sooooo much fun!

He speaks. He plays. He teases. He sings. He dances. He has all these crazy antics that just makes me crack up all day.

He has a mostly loving relationship with his brother. He likes to be "in charge" of him. At times, he's a lil rough with him but then after sitting @ the naughty corner for a bit, he'll sayang him and things would go back to normal.

Sometimes the monster in him comes up and makes life difficult for everyone. But we cannot expect anything else from a kid, I guess. Afterall, they dun call it terrible twos for nothing.

Just the other day, I was on the computer and he came up to give me cuddles. And at that time, it makes me feel like I've never felt more loved by anyone else.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Word with the Gals

"I think I will die a poor but well dressed woman."
"I think I will die a well dressed woman and my husband will die of a massive shopping bill!"

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pumping it!

I have been so slack in the last two years.

After having those two lil jokers, I've completed neglected working out. Whilst I've not been exercising, I'm quite fortunate that I'm still pretty much what I was prior to kids.

However, with the impending activities that we plan to do in the next two months, I decided to get going with some kind of discipline. I told the hubbi that I think I'm ready to start training.

So two weeks ago, we had a session once a week. Man! Do my bones hurt after that. But the good news is that I've started to engage my core muscles again. And I always feel good after working out.

It pays to have a personal trainer as a husband! Ain't I lucky.


It's been awhile since I've last eagerly waited for the work week to end.

It has been a massive week. Completely flat out dealing with customers' requests. Liasing with dealers. Lots of Admin stuff to do as well.

So when the clock hit five today, I made sure that I was the first one out of the door.

I think it's time for a holidaeeeeeeee!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The OFFICIAL Birthday Partee

Can you see the looks on their faces?

We had a lil barbie by the Yarra this arvo to "officially" celebrate Kayden's 2nd Birthday.

The weather was quite beautiful, despite the cold. (or as perceived someone who wore shorts!)

The boy love being outdoors. He relishes the fact that he can run around without any inhibitions.

For us, it was a clear choice cos we wanted to avoid the cleaning up @ home.

It was a lovely day. Shared with a group of close friends. Just the right amount of food. And a lil boy who's actions just make me appreciate the blessings that he's brought to my life.

Just a glimpse of the cake!

We had a beautiful cake baked by our usual cakemaker who's endless creativity never fails to wow me. Kayden loved it so much that he kept going "wow" when he sees each cookie.

Am I legal to drink yet?

He's had a great birthday. I cannot believe it's been two years since we've had him. He has brought a lot of joy into our lives. And it only gets better as he gets older.

Friday, October 05, 2007

A Day @ the Zoo

We wanted to do something kid friendly for Kayden's birthday so we decided to bring them both to the Melbourne Zoo.

It was a glorious sunny day. The zoo was a perfect choice. There is so much space for the kids to explore and to learn. However, as the zoo's too big for us to complete everything in a day, we have to go back again. We signed up as Friends of the Zoo so that we can have unlimited access to the public zoos in Australia for a year.

I've forgotten how much fun zoos can be. So many things to see and so much information to learn.

Those kiddos had a ball. But halfway through, Kayden got tired so we had to carry Jakey all the way through while he slept in the pram.

Off we go

Hmmm no monkeys in sight

Me and my lil champ... ain't he cute!

With Daddy @ the Elephant Hut

Monkees in a hut searching for gorillas

Lil J so excited after seeing a Mangrill aka Baboon

Look Daddy! See what I see!

My birthday boy! Note the seat change!

All Tired out!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kayden Turns TWO!

Blowing the candles

The lil one turned two today so we had a lil celebration at his daycare center. We had to get the cake from the supermarket becos of the strict ingredients rule in the center. They insisted on labels which show what's inside the cake.


So I took half a day off today to hobble down to celebrate my firstborn's 2nd birthday. Bought him a prezzie that I thought he would be wowed with and then met the hubbi to go see the kids.

We waited outside his room whilst the caretakers lined them up and brought them out to the piazza area for their arvo tea. He was so thrilled to see us when he walked out of the door that we got heaps of cuddles.

Yummy Cake

Those kids in the center were the cutest. This lil girl, Z, was asking if we have a special cake cos she likes special cake. Soooooo cute and definitely fuels my want to have a lil girl on my own. After singing the birthday song, they all devoured the cake. Some even asked for seconds. I guess you will never find a kid that doesn't like chocolate.

Thomas the Engine!

And here's what we got for the birthday boy! A lil trike that he really loves, for now!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Comme Kitchen

The husband suggested a dinner date late Friday arvo. I think he knew that I needed some adult time before succumbing to kiddo overdose.

So we went to Comme for dinner. Heard great things about them. So I always wanted to hop in for a meal.

I managed to get a last minute booking a couple hours before so I jumped at it.

Comme resides at Alfred Place, right in the middle of the city. We had been to the building before for theatre but that was way before the restaurant was there.

Comme has two separate areas. A huge bar where the office crowd hung around for Friday evening drinks and then the dining area is this lil space under the huge stairwell. A tad strange in my point of view. It kinda felt like a mess hall, you know, where you eat during camps.

We didn't have a good start to our dining experience there. For one, the hostess showed us to the table and then it took about 15 minutes before we were acknowledged by the waiters there. Then it took them a lil while before we got our menus. And then it took a bit for us to order as well.

The first sign of trouble started when the wine came, the waiter went on to pour it when I noticed that it was a different bottle from the one that I requested. After highlighting it to him, he went, "oh we ran out of the other bottle. This is just as good. Haven't you heard of Mesh before?"

This kinda blew me off going back ever again. 1. You do not just assume that that is the wine that I want. 2. If you dun have the drink that I requested, it's common courtesy to bring me the wine list so that I can make another selection. 3. Pretending that it's all good and praying that I won't notice the difference is just not acceptable.

Yes, the substitute reisling was good. But it was dampened by the lack of service.

The entrees came. The food, I have to say, is really beautiful. We enjoyed every morsel of it. It took them a while to notice that we were finished. So the plates took a lil while to be cleared.

Then when the mains came, we confirmed that the service was tragically lacking in this place. You see, the husband ordered two entrees instead of a main dish. The waiter brought out my snapper and TWO OF THE ENTREES that he ordered! *smacks head*

This, my friend, is not acceptable in all rules. The kitchen should've known that you bring out one dish after another. Not TWO at the same time. So whilst the hubbi was having his truffle tortellini, the quail sat in the middle of the table….. Turning cold.

We noted that to the waiter and he went," But you said that you wanted two entrees instead of a main." Look if we have to spell everything out whenever we dine, we might as well go to a cheaper place to eat.

The trouble with Comme, we noticed, is the lack of good service. Most of the time, there are NO waiters at the room. They flit in and out of the room. It's hard to command their attention. The door that leads to the bar slams sometimes. The bass from the loud music from the bar transcends to the dining area. Not very impressive.

We were pretty content with the food. But the lack of service is more than enough for us to not go back. We headed off to the bar for some drinks and they had some good cocktails.

Overall, it was a disappointing experience. We've dined enough to know what to expect from service staff. And as much as I want to like Comme, as I set out to do, it needs to go up a notch with its service.
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