Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunny Day

Where r we going, Mommy?

It's not hard to be enticed by the warm spring weather. Loads of sunshine tends to make people come out of hibernation.

The husband was helping a friend with carpet removal over the weekend so I took the boys to Rockley Gardens for a play.

We've been driving past the playground there and I've been dying to bring the kids there. So I packed the two of them into the stroller and we took a walk down Toorak Road to get there.

Kayden was really taken by this apple turning toy there. He's rather quick in catching on how to manuveur it by observing another lil gal do it. Next thing knew he was standing up there and spinnin' the wheel.

Baby J was a busy lil bee. Now that he's a lot older, he's a lot more confident in exploring the grounds. So he spent time climbing through tunnels and stairs. And also springing surprise visits on his brother @ the top of the slide.

We sat on the swings. Went down the slides. Kayden tried to climb onto the monkey bar and the flying fox. Till the kids are exhausted before we trek back to the car.

It was a simple day but it was time wellspent with my boys.

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