Thursday, September 20, 2007


The husband and I...

We have a very simple perspective in life. We believe that things go in circles. What you reap is what you sow.

Our goal in life is to be happy and enjoy the blessings that we have around us.

We love our kids. We want them to experience a real childhood, with none of the work loaded burdens that some children have to bear. We believe that play is an important part of their constitution to a good mental wellbeing. We spend time bringing them to parks, gardens and wide open spaces so that they can explore and just run freely with no inhibitions.

We believe that quality food and good artisan water makes a major difference to our health. That is why we buy organic vegetables, fruits and meat. Not because it is trendy but because it has none of the yucky pesticides and it supports a more humane cultivation culture.

You probably know that I spend a fair bit of time cooking after work on weekdays. Cos I have to prep food for the boys' breakfast and lunch the following day. Homecooked meals are so important in a kid's diet. I like knowing what goes into my child's stomach. And I like knowing that most of what they eat are stuff that are good for them. No preservatives or MSG.

My kids are probably the best examples of good eating. My son can discern the difference between tap and mineral water. They both love their vegs more than meat. In fact they consume twice the amount of vegetables, as compared to meat. The best part is, with a good diet, they have a more tolerable immune system that saves them from major bouts of childhood illnesses.

We love spending time with each other. Most other parents would probably know how little alone time we have in a day. So once a week, or a fortnight, we get a babysitter to look after the boys for a night so that we can go out to catch a movie or have a nice dinner to catch up. Sometimes we catch up for a quick lunch on a work day. We feel that for us to function as better parents, we need to be great partners first. Someone once said that, "Babysitting is not a luxury, it's an investment." So true.

We like our individual time, as well. The husband love playing bball with the boys on the weekend. It's his stress reliever. I, on the other hand, like to go to the shops with a girlfriend or have a cuppa. And we make time for activities like that so that we dun lose ourselves. One of us would take the kids, whilst the other goes out.

Friends are an integral part of our survival. I must say that we are very very blessed by the friends that we have around us. We live a privileged life with a group of good friends who would go through everything with us. I always believe you are who you surround yourself with.

My husband never believes that you should spend your life pursuing an infinite amount of money. It's always a work life balance that he seeks.

Sometimes when the world gets crazy, we would sit back and reflect on the blessings that we have in this life.

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  1. you've such a blessed life, babe! I'm happy for u.


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