Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I had a really interesting dream last night. And it left me feeling like it was reality.

Anyway that got me thinking about the past. About how things had evolved. How much we have all grown in our own individual ways.

I thought about the decisions that I made. The path that I chose. The impossible decisions that I had to make. The environment that I've been living in. And the man that I chose. The life that we lead. The kids that we have. The love that we share.

Then I realized that I am no longer a girl. I have evolved into the person that I am today. A wife and a mom... and more so an adult.

I felt a lil nostalgic about my young life. And as I told a girlfriend, I'm always lucky to have a supportive partner. All my life, it's been that way… and it's no different now. In fact, I always felt that Darien is like the other piece of my puzzle.

I've always believed that I'm fortunate to find a partner that not only complements me but someone who enriches me in ways that I never thought possible. He is my main driving force. He encourages me to do things that I never thought I could do. With him, I'm never afraid to be who I am. He taught me how to be a better person, to have an open mind about things and to always think of a good back up.

Once a week, we would sneak out for a lil date to re-connect. And then ,we would have vivacious conversations about various topics and would often laugh our heads off in our own shared humour. This brings us back to our dating days.

I guess bottom line is, we are blessed to got each other to have and to hold in this life.

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