Thursday, August 30, 2007

Moley Moley Mole

For those of you who know me for quite a while, you'll probably know that I hae a mole at the small of my back.

It's been there all my life and I've never bothered too much about it.

However, having said that, since I've moved to Australia, the risk of malenoma is significantly higher here. Simply because the hole in the ozone layer sits right above where we live.

Also, we have a friend whose husband died of the disease due to the over exposure in the sun.

So since I met the husband, he's been nagging at me to get it removed. "It's just too big to ignore, Dear" was what he said.

So for the past couple of years, I would normally just shrug it off when he made that comment. However, I've found some new lil moles showing up on my limbs and I got a lil freaked out.

I made an appointment to see the GP who kindly informed me that my lil friend would have to go.

So we had the lil procedure this morning and now I've got three stitches sitting where my mole was. It's been sent off to the lab for analysis.

The wound still stings and it's a lil strange to see a part of me in a sterile jar but my heart is feeling a tad more at ease now.

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