Friday, August 31, 2007

France Soir

Dinner with the husband is alway fun..

We both have a ridiculously busy week and since I've been double dutyin as Mom for the last few nights, he decided to bring me to France Soir for a dinner treat. (We left the kiddos @ home with our nanny.)

France Soir has always had a softspot in my heart. Good genuine french food at a decent price. Needless to say, decent pricing always get thrown out of the window by a good bottle of french wine.

We chatted up a storm and flirted. Drank an excessive amount of burgundy. Food was excellent but hubbi felt that the selection of produce shld be a lil better. But I was happy with my food. Service was immaculate as always.

Two hours later, stuffed as a bunny, we hobbled out with the minute remnants of the bottle and drove home.

I love having my hubbi for a dinner companion. We rarely get the chance to talk much during the week so this is our lil weekly adult getaway. ♥

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