Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chef, no?

We (aka I) do heaps of cooking in that lil kitchen of ours.

I've baked tons of different pastries out of that fan drivened oven and roasted heaps of meat in it.

Needless to say I love to cook. And I have the numbers to consume the dishes that I serve.

My newfound love is pasta making. After reading through my numerous Jamie Oliver's cookbooks, I've finally convinced myself to invest in a pasta making machine. We bought an Aventi one BUT it was crap. Damn thing jammed up in the middle of the making. Not impressed.

We brought it back to the store and the lovely lovely owner exchanged it for a Baccarat one, no questions asked. We were soooooooo pleased with the customer service that we will go back there for our cookware next time.

Anyway freshly made pasta is ridiculously easy to make. I am an absolute convert. And I never understood al dante till I added the cooked spaghetti to my cream mix. It was so delicious that my husband thinks it would be difficult to find a restaurant to beat that. :)

I love my new pasta machine!

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