Sunday, August 19, 2007


I am a very blessed gal.

I've hurt my foot two days back. I punctured a hole in my left foot when I stepped onto a chipped piece of plastic and it was humungeous!

I tolerated the pain for most part of the friday but I got a lil feverish so I called the husband who offered to take me to the doctor. Turned out we couldn't get to see anyone cos they were all booked out.

So it fell onto my hubbi to use his first aid skills on me. He's been washing my wound and wrapping it up for me the past few days and I get massages at night for my poor stiffed up calf.

And it's things like that that matter the most. No doubt, I've got a really painful wound but I reckon the payback is well worth it.

I love ya babe. And I really need clutches for the limp!

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