Monday, July 23, 2007


Weekends are a lot more precious these days. It seems like work has helped changed my view on time.

These days I hang out more with the boys. Rather than getting engrossed in chores or other matters, I just play with the kiddos. I watch them interact. I see how they tease each other and then we share kisses and cuddles.

It has been busy juggling it all. But I guess being a SAHM is not my cuppa tea. I like doing it part time and I like my time away as well. It gives me time to breathe and appreciate the time I have just being by myself.

I rode to work with a girlfriend today and she reminded me how blessed my life is. With a husband who spoils me and two healthy boys. Everything is going really well at the moment.

All these make turning a year older a lot easier.

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