Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Our major decision factors

It seems like the move back home is rather imminent.

While we have been stalling the idea for a couple of years now, it just feels like now's probably the right time to finally get things going.

A lot of thoughts and discussions have been made in regards to the Big Move but like what the Chinese say, "You follow who you marry"

And those words cannot be more true, more so now than ever before.

I guess my husband has his responsibilities to carry out. And much as I love my current life, I don't deny that this reality would have to be addressed at some stage in our lives. We can either choose to delay it once more or just go back and allow him to pick up the ropes of the trade.

We've always work as a team when it comes to life choices and we've decided that home would be the best place for the boys, at this moment. We would like them to have a close relationship with their grandparents and our external families. And also, we would like them to learn Mandarin as well.

In a move like this, logistics and planning are crucial. So we've started to research on preschools for the boys. Also, we've started to look for a place to stay. Not forgetting transportation.

In this next couple of months, the husband would have to complete some of his courses here. I am looking forward to going back to work, for a bit. And then hopefully we can finally settle on a house here. Then it's time to pack up and go.

Life would be better back home. We'll have family and a lot more friends around us. I look forward to seeing my parents, my siblings and my aunties.

No doubt I would miss my shopping here but the husband has promised weekend treats for us when we move back. And perhaps Europe, if we can afford the time.
That I can't wait! Till then...

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