Thursday, July 05, 2007

Back to Work

I went back to my work place this arvo. Not before dropping the kiddos in daycare and having lunch with a galfriend.

So stepping back was a lil interesting. I was quite worried that it would be a sea of new faces but to my relief, most of my old working pals are still there. Most got promoted and some still remain in the same position.

Best of all, we are now all located on the same floor. One of my good buddies just became a daddy to a baby girl. How wonderful is that.

I got to meet my new manager, who's really lovely, and after discussing the options, I am extremely psyched about the position that I would be taking on. And I am back to work next week! Tres exciting.

I just wish that the hubbi was here with me so that I can blab all the details to him but he's up in Sydney for the week. And so it's me and the bubbas for the next couple of days. We talk several times during the day but he's usually beat at the end of the day. So I usually cut him some slack when he's away. [maybe i shld just guilt trip him into buying a miu miu for my birthday.)

Baby J started his first official day in daycare and he did relatively well... although he did cry a lil during the day but according to the gals he's quite settled in the arvo.

I'm just going to enjoy working for the next few months till our move back home. And then another chapter of my life would begin. Hopefully by then, I'll be able to find another job that I love.

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