Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Boys

Baby Shrek

At 9.5 mths, Baby J is a big handful. Capable of crawlin all over. He's now confident of pulling himself up to stand. So that means that he can stand in his cot, pull himself up to lean on the wall and the table.

This month, he has a total of four teeth. And his appetite is just ferocious. He loves to eat whatever his brother is having. And that makes it really easy for us cos he can basically devour anything we eat outside.

That said, my lil boy is amazingly cute. I see the world a tad differentl from his eyes. Cos to him, every little thing is a wonder.

All Crackered up

Kayden is a big boy now. He is a full blown toddler. Learning to speak. Running all around. Tests our patience with his misdemeanour.

He's a lil politician to be with his lil bribes. He would give us something that is precious to him whenever he wants to have his way or knows that he's done something wrong.

And being a big brother, he occasionally bullies his lil brother. Poor Jakey has to endure all his nonsense. And now that the lil one is older, he is starting to protest whenever he gets hit.

Most of all, he's affectionate. He really loves his doggies and he loves to give us kisses and cuddles.

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