Friday, June 08, 2007

Getting Hitched

We were out having dinner last night when the husband met a friend from uni days.

After talking for a lil while, he realised that this bloke is still with his gf after so many years. And the topic abt getting hitched came up.

We spoke of locations. Cost. Ang Pows. But I gathered that he was not taking the big step anytime soon.

And this friend was genuinely quite surprised that we are parents of two.

We spoke of the possibility of us holding another dinner in SG and I dunno if it will happen or not. But I wouldn't mind throwing a bash for my family and closest friends. It would be a nice dinner party to have. We'll see.

What I was really amused abt was the hard sell that my husband did for weddings and marriage. He discussed the pros of getting married here in Australia. The ambience that he loved at our wedding. And the freedom to do it our way here.

He was selling the concept of marriage. Which I dun hear very often from men.

He loves being married and being a Daddy. And I'm glad I have him. *winkz*

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