Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Date Night

We went on a lil date on Tuesday night.

We've been really blessed to have a friend babysit the boys. So we took the chance to have some personal time.

And we headed out for a movie and some chocolate fix.

We held hands as we rushed to buy our tickets. But we missed the slot that we wanted so we had to wait for another half hour.

We then headed down to Max Brenner for some sweets. He asked me which table I wanted. And I chose to sit at the counter, much to his amusement.

We talked about our day. I leaned on his shoulder while we waited for our Belgium waffles. I teased him about our "non-romantic" relationship. He would retort with a firm denial. And he asked for two top-ups of frothed milk, when I needed more for my drink.

I looked over at him and I realised that he is just so perfect for me. It's amazing how far along we've come. And he's always been the other half of me. The one to spur me on in this life that we've built.

We quickly paid the bill and ran for our movie. Ocean's 13 kicked ass but some parts are a lil draggy. And becos he had a long day, I had to pinch him once to stop his eyes from closing.(Not the movie's fault)

It was fantastic. I love how my husband can take my kind of nonsense and how he would make the time for us... despite his fatigue. :)

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