Friday, May 18, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

The skies have been really overcast lately in Melbourne. We've been experiencing wet and muggy weather for the entire week.

Due to the horrendous amount of rain, we've been staying indoors. It's driving the boys a lil insane and frankly, it's been boring the crap outta me as well.

So we've been finding things to do for them. Like building block castles, having tea parties (I know... but we taught Kayden how to propose a toast and he's really hooked on it) and just a whole load of running around. They've been fighting for the same toys lately and it's a constant effort to get them to "share." But kids being kids... sharing's a foreign concept to them.

I've taken this time to observe the differences between the two kids and despite their close age gap, they cannot be anymore different from each other.

I find that Baby J is really calm. He only cries when his diaper's dirty, he's been put down to sleep or he needs to be fed. Other times, he would whinge a lil when his toys get snatched away.

He's getting really good at crawling now, albeit his actions which are still really robotic. And he loves to crawl into the toilet. Why? I really dun know. But if I can't find him anywhere, I'll know where he's at.

Kayden is going thru that really horrible "Terrible Twos" phase now. Most times, we win the battle with distraction but it's hard to win sometimes. So we pick and choose our battles.

He's living proof that kids know too much abt technology these days. He would know which remote control would function for which device. He's capable of switching the computer, Foxtel and telly off. And he knows how to work the washing machine. And when we want to put something to wash, he would kindly turn on the lights to the laundry for us.

Clearly Darien's so taken by his two kids that sometimes he cannot help but laugh at their antics. And it leaves most of the disciplinary work to me. Go figure... the wonders of being a mom.

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  1. Being a mum ain't easy... but I'm sure it's very satisfying to see the kids grow.


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