Monday, May 14, 2007

Mommy's Day

It didn't exactly kick off on the right note becos the boys were sick. Both had flu with Kayden being the one that's a lil more affected.

We almost aborted our plans to drive down to the mornington peninsular but since the lil ones were almost knocked out by their medication, Darien figured we should just go ahead.

The weather was perfect. It was sunny and warm. Perfect for a long drive.

But becos we arrived late at the cellar door, we didn't make it in time for the lunch @ Paringa Estate. The food looked really good and fresh. I told Darien that we have to head back there one day to eat.

Paringa was named the winery of the year by James Halliday. And truly, their wines are worth every medal they got. Beautiful full bodied pinots and shirazes are their signatures. I also got to see the winemaker and owner before we left with seven bottles of wine.

We headed off to Port Philip Estate for some Koo yong before heading home. By then, my wine happy husband who wine-drank instead of tasted, was too tired to drive so I had to take us home.

The boys were a tad better when we got home after dinner. I guess fresh air did them some good. But I can't ask for a better day. :)

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