Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Lately, Darien and I have been getting some couple time.

After a big bust up [and a good reality check] a few weeks ago, we've decided that we need to give babysitting a go. Simply becos we have no friends [with a good baby inclined knowledge] or relatives here to help us out with the kids.

I am really skeptical abt the entire arrangement, becos I have this crazy apprehension abt strangers coming to my house and looking after my children. But all that has been put to rest by the babysitters we've found.

Thus far, the kids are well fed and put to bed by the time we get home. Also, they are a lot more comfortable being in their own home with all their toys, strewn in any direction that they like to.

And we, *breathes*, can go out and just do adult stuff and not worry abt prams, spews and tantrums. It works out well for our relationship and we get to have conversations with other adults. I get to wear my nice clothes out. So we are happy campers all round.

I can see us doing this for many moons to come. I think it's time that I can finally get away.

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