Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Water Babies

We didn't have much to do last weekend. So we took it easy and just spent time going to Ikea,bringing the kids out to the park and going to the local pool to swim.

Baby J has his first foray into swinging on saturday and he loved it. The lil one was just chuckling as I lightly tug the swing forwards. Too funny.

His brother was busy running around the park following two doggies around. And then climbing up the slide, preventing every other kid from coming down in the other direction. :S

And then Sunday arvo was spent in the swimming pool. And it was a test of their nerves. :) Kayden was all excited, as usual. Taking his Daddy's hands while he manuveur his way through the water. And then he tried to play with the older kids, some of which just ignored him.

As for Baby J, it was his first time in the pool. The lil bugger was so apprehensive about the vast amount of water that he not only clung on to me for dear life but he would also keep turning his head back to stare at me, making sure that I was still there.

We left after an hour and by then the kids were knackered. Which was great cos we got to run some errands without any fuss.

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