Thursday, April 19, 2007


So after two years of non exercise, I've finally started my butt going tonight.

I've wanted to pick up tennis for the looooongest time. But time and time again, when I want to start the lessons, I would be expecting a baby. So it's always a no go.

So a couple of weeks ago, I've finally got a call back from the tennis center, stating that the term was going to start and if I was interested in signing up.

And it turns out that my husband's keen to pick it up too. So I signed the both of us up for lessons! Which I was really excited about!

And he had his on Tues night and I've started mine tonight. And I must say I am enjoying it heaps for a newbie. Although I do need a lot of practice and a lot of work cos the balls are just going everywhere @ the moment.

But I love feeling so pumped up with the adrenaline going. Exercise makes me happy. So I think it's time to go back to the gym and train. I must I must I must get fit again.

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