Sunday, April 01, 2007

My Two boys

Time really flies these days. One day I was just nursing a newborn and now this lil fella is sitting pretty on his own and is starting to be his own lil person. Too cute!

He loves his older brother and they both enjoy bath time together now. It's amazing to see.

Kayden is almost 18 months now. He's really cheeky and affectionate. Likes to tease his mother. And bullies his Daddy big time. He's no longer a baby anymore... :(

There's still lots to juggle but I am loving them more each day. And it's double the joy when you realize that you've got a husband who makes time for his two lil men. They love time with their Daddy who's just so hands on with them.

We wouldn't change anything for the world.

Bath Boy


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