Monday, April 09, 2007

The Long Weekend

We are back from our lil trip down @ Philip Island.

We rented a beach front house @ Surf Beach. It had the most magnificent view of the ocean and minutes away from the beach.

It was a good getaway from city life. The weather was perfect, unlike last year's Easter. We spent our time chilling out and playing MJ. And had a whole heap of food as well. In fact, too much rich food that I'm feeling a lil sick from it all.

We made a trip to Cowes and chanced upon their night market. Their dutch pancakes were delish! As is most of their food there. We bought a jar of strawberry jam for home!

The boys were generally wellbehaved. I brought Kayden to the beach for some playtime and he had a blast. He found a wading pool and kept hopping in and out of it. Making him a dirty lil fella.

I was quite happy to just sit back and relax. And that was all I did all weekend. :)

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