Monday, April 30, 2007

Our Night

The husband planned the evening for our anniversary. And him, being the keeper of suspense, likes to tease me about my constant perpetual failure to pinpoint the exact details of the agenda.

The surprise


The husband and his purchases.

The sneaky fella brought me to watch Verekai by Cirque du Soleil. That really took me by surprise and we had excellent seats! It was a marvellous production. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It came highly recommended by the cousin and it was as captivating as what she said.

We had dinner at the newly opened branch of Rockpool @ Crown. The husband was really pleased with the food. We had an excellent time eating and chatting. The food was sooooo good, particularly becos Neil Perry is known to be really meticulous with his produce. We ate so much that we were really stuffed @ the end of the evening. So we only had a tarte tartin to share.

I cannot believe it's only been two years but marrying a guy who loves me for who I am is more than anything that money can buy. Thanks, Dear.

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