Monday, April 30, 2007

Sydney Peeks

We caught up with Brandon and Sharon in Sydney. And he passed us a collection of photos he took of the boys over the last year and of the trip.

They were amazing. I love his perspective.

Here we go. Enjoy.

Looking across the bridge. We look so color coordinated here.

O the expressions of babies

Choc icecream for a notti boy

Look at that grin

Mr Hamburger

Our Night

The husband planned the evening for our anniversary. And him, being the keeper of suspense, likes to tease me about my constant perpetual failure to pinpoint the exact details of the agenda.

The surprise


The husband and his purchases.

The sneaky fella brought me to watch Verekai by Cirque du Soleil. That really took me by surprise and we had excellent seats! It was a marvellous production. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It came highly recommended by the cousin and it was as captivating as what she said.

We had dinner at the newly opened branch of Rockpool @ Crown. The husband was really pleased with the food. We had an excellent time eating and chatting. The food was sooooo good, particularly becos Neil Perry is known to be really meticulous with his produce. We ate so much that we were really stuffed @ the end of the evening. So we only had a tarte tartin to share.

I cannot believe it's only been two years but marrying a guy who loves me for who I am is more than anything that money can buy. Thanks, Dear.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Two Years

Happy Second Anniversary Hunni!

It was a fabulous day with my equally fantastic husband.

I loved the show. The dinner was wonderful and more importantly, I love you!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


So after two years of non exercise, I've finally started my butt going tonight.

I've wanted to pick up tennis for the looooongest time. But time and time again, when I want to start the lessons, I would be expecting a baby. So it's always a no go.

So a couple of weeks ago, I've finally got a call back from the tennis center, stating that the term was going to start and if I was interested in signing up.

And it turns out that my husband's keen to pick it up too. So I signed the both of us up for lessons! Which I was really excited about!

And he had his on Tues night and I've started mine tonight. And I must say I am enjoying it heaps for a newbie. Although I do need a lot of practice and a lot of work cos the balls are just going everywhere @ the moment.

But I love feeling so pumped up with the adrenaline going. Exercise makes me happy. So I think it's time to go back to the gym and train. I must I must I must get fit again.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

All By Myself.

It is strangely quiet tonight.

And I guess it's due to the absence of the husband, who's up in Sydney enjoying his singlehood for three days. :s

Which means, overtime for me, as usual.

At least the boys have been rather good today. One went to daycare. And the other was just his happy chappy self today. Thank God his fever has subsided.

And after last night's screaming rebellion, he must be so exhausted that he went to bed at nine.

So back to silence, maybe it's a sign that I should head off to bed.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Water Babies

We didn't have much to do last weekend. So we took it easy and just spent time going to Ikea,bringing the kids out to the park and going to the local pool to swim.

Baby J has his first foray into swinging on saturday and he loved it. The lil one was just chuckling as I lightly tug the swing forwards. Too funny.

His brother was busy running around the park following two doggies around. And then climbing up the slide, preventing every other kid from coming down in the other direction. :S

And then Sunday arvo was spent in the swimming pool. And it was a test of their nerves. :) Kayden was all excited, as usual. Taking his Daddy's hands while he manuveur his way through the water. And then he tried to play with the older kids, some of which just ignored him.

As for Baby J, it was his first time in the pool. The lil bugger was so apprehensive about the vast amount of water that he not only clung on to me for dear life but he would also keep turning his head back to stare at me, making sure that I was still there.

We left after an hour and by then the kids were knackered. Which was great cos we got to run some errands without any fuss.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Words ... The Lack Thereof

It was Kayden's 18th mth check up yesterday.

And he went through most of the items and tests really well.
Until, the nurse asked abt the number of words he's spoken. And I said, "FOUR"

She paused for a second [not a good sign] and then replied, "Well @ this stage, he should have 5-10 words in his vocabulary."

Not good.

She then suggested the following methods to coax him into talking more.

"Have you tried reading to him?"
Ummm yes. Two to Four Books a day.

"Have you tried talking to him?"
Hmmm yah. I converse with him all day long and he would reply in body language or baby talk.

"Or maybe sing to him?"
Definitely. We sing songs most of the the time during the day and he would dance and clap.

Having said all that, she then replied. "It's ok. We'll see how he goes in the next two months. He seems fine for everything else."

On a side note, the boy just gave a short shriek when he had his chickenpox vaccine injected into his arm. I sure thought it was going to be a lot worse.

Aiyah! I sure hope his learning curve is the steep kind where something would just click inside his lil head and he would start rambling on all at once.

I guess it's time to start drilling words into his head. Heck! I've got to the point where I spent the earlier part of today researching online. And there are similar cases and most are boys. (whose learning curve is slower than baby gals.) So I guess it's ok to be like that for now.

But most importantly he's still a happy and social child so it's still good @ this stage.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Postcards from Philip Island

Daryl and Darien - Boy these two have almost known each other for two decades!

Lunch @ Cowes

Grouchy Boy

Me and my boy

Off to the beach we go

Loving the water!


Heading home now

On the verendah with my two lil men

The Long Weekend

We are back from our lil trip down @ Philip Island.

We rented a beach front house @ Surf Beach. It had the most magnificent view of the ocean and minutes away from the beach.

It was a good getaway from city life. The weather was perfect, unlike last year's Easter. We spent our time chilling out and playing MJ. And had a whole heap of food as well. In fact, too much rich food that I'm feeling a lil sick from it all.

We made a trip to Cowes and chanced upon their night market. Their dutch pancakes were delish! As is most of their food there. We bought a jar of strawberry jam for home!

The boys were generally wellbehaved. I brought Kayden to the beach for some playtime and he had a blast. He found a wading pool and kept hopping in and out of it. Making him a dirty lil fella.

I was quite happy to just sit back and relax. And that was all I did all weekend. :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Washing Times

Sometimes when I ask Darien where Kayden is...

He would reply, "He's watching his TV."

And I'll will find the lil one here.

Hello people, is it working?!

Righto, I think it is now.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

My Two boys

Time really flies these days. One day I was just nursing a newborn and now this lil fella is sitting pretty on his own and is starting to be his own lil person. Too cute!

He loves his older brother and they both enjoy bath time together now. It's amazing to see.

Kayden is almost 18 months now. He's really cheeky and affectionate. Likes to tease his mother. And bullies his Daddy big time. He's no longer a baby anymore... :(

There's still lots to juggle but I am loving them more each day. And it's double the joy when you realize that you've got a husband who makes time for his two lil men. They love time with their Daddy who's just so hands on with them.

We wouldn't change anything for the world.

Bath Boy


Shopping thoughts

So here I am thinking about my Philip Lim Rosette dress... and then remembering that my husband has mentioned that I was not meant to shop for the rest of the year.

HELLO?!?! You've gotta be kidding!

I casually mentioned the possibility of a lil liking for a watch and then I mumbled about the nonshopping agreement (verbal, not written) under my breath when he let out a HUGE CHUCKLE!

"Ya, rite?! Just look at what you've bought after we had that agreement." he said.

Hmmmm.... *embarrassed smile*

It's true. I'm spoilt and I know it. Best of all, I have a husband who is wonderful enough to tolerate and occasionally [ie:frequently] indulge me in that. :p

Right, Hunni?
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