Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Weather's Changing

So we've turned the clocks back by an hour last weekend... but the weather is still almost the same, other than the early sunset every evening.

With the current drought that we are facing, it is quite hard to fathom how crazy the weather has become lately. The same goes for the ski season. I really doubt this season would come early. We are hoping for a good one this time round so that we can make a trip up to the mountains for some snowboarding and skiing. Especially since we missed out on the last two cos I was pregnant with the boys.

Well, we can only pray the climate change would only get better cos the effects of global warming is so obvious now that it's not funny.


  1. Hee, Baby J looks so cute in the beanie. And I notice he sucks his 2 fingers too, my baby also does the same.

  2. Ya he doesn't take a dummy for some reason or another. He just loves his fingers...


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