Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Two Rascals

Okie... so the monthly growth updates have clearly stalled... becos the boys have had me so busy that I'm just too tired to write or let alone think. Mainly, I'm just lazy.

Baby J, growing up strong, is terribly endearing at almost seven months of age. He has two lower front teeth and an incredibly cute smile. That said, he's found his voice. A really loud one at that. And he has no issues using it to grumble or to get our attention. Other babies would coo and goo goo ga ga... but my second lil man would not have any of that.

He is a strong fella who's managed to plough himself up to table top position several times a day now. And he would tease us by doing that rocking motion... as if he's gonna start crawling. O boy when that day comes, it would seriously mean double trouble.

That said, he picks who he likes now. And leans forward to asked to be carried. He can sit for a lil while on his own but he would make sure that there's someone behind him to fall back on.

Food's one of his greatest loves now. My kids cannot tolerate hunger. Just like their Daddy. They have to eat and it has to be good. Or else, it would end up everywhere else but the stomach. Go figure where they got that from. :S

Also, the two kiddos are starting to look alike. [Although I'm always asked if I have a boy and a girl.] Kayden is also starting to enjoy Baby J's company. He would hug him when he wakes up and attend to him when he cries.

He still has no idea of the magnitude of his strength but the lil one is used to being smacked "affectionately" by his older brother.

There would be times now when Darien would just sigh and say, "Aren't they cute?"

And I'd say... "They are, Hun. But you haven't seen their horns yet!"

Anyway here's one of the lil guy!

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