Monday, March 05, 2007

The Pre 3 0 Celebration

My beloved hubbi is turning the big 3 0 tomorrow.

So to celebrate I decided to have a lunch down @ Yarra Valley... in much regards to his love for food and wine.

Food Food Food

We gathered the troops and took an hour drive out of the city. And it was a lovely time catching up with our friends. Especially Tini, who's back for a holiday... she's doing so well now in her career that it makes me so proud!

Food was as usual indulgent. We cracked open two bottles of bubbly and two more bottles of wine.

Kayden had a lot of fun just walking around the restaurant, but he was doing it so much that the manager had to tell Darien to put him back in his seat. Which of course, didn't last really long. Oh well.. there's only so much patience in a seventeen month old.

He did, however, managed to last an entire duration of the main course. So he was just sitting there with the rest of us eating. Which was a big relief. [and break from all that walking]

We went to the cellar door cos the guys wanted to buy a few bottles of wine home so Tini and I just sat outside and chatted. Man.. I miss that gal. It's been eons since she was still living here.

At Coldstream Hills

Later on, we went to Coldstream Hills for more wine. And by then I was beat. But the weather was too nice to not stay outdoors for just a lil more.

Just look at his mischevious grin?!

We finally called it quits after that and headed home for MJ! Terribly enjoyable. My husband always enjoy a good game of MJ.

I think he had fun. He looked pleased as punch all throughout the day. And I do like a good celebration for my favorite guy of all time, despite him getting a lil old now. :p


  1. That place looks familiar. Is that the Yerring Station?

  2. I miss their panna cotta!!!


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