Friday, March 02, 2007

Nikon D40

On our annual trip back to SG, we would usually get a new digital camera or some photography thingo.

But the one that we've current got is still in relatively good condition and still quite up to date in terms of recording and megapixels.

So when we hopped down to Sim Lim to get a computer for Darien's papa's store, we went to our usual haunt to peruse and see what's new. And everything is so cheap now that it's not funny.

We've clearly ran out of things to buy now. So Darien's friend showed me the Nikon D40... I had a play with it and I really like the step up from the normal digital cam. But if I was going to upgrade, I would like something expandable and that would be the D70, which is $$$ more.

But the husband said to hold off for a bit. He actually wanted me to go buy a normal SLR to play with the actual functions before committing. Boo hoo! But I dun wanna use film!

Anyway we didn't buy it in the end... I figured I better go do my reviews before putting my $ down. :(

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