Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Of Pistachio Goodness and Such

So the Vue obsession continues...

I'd asked the husband to go for brekkie @ Cafe Vue on Tuesday morn because (a) Kayden was in Daycare, and (b) I had an Illy coffee craving.

He could only go for a quick bite and so after several rounds of the inability to find parking, we had to settle for takeaway.

I sent him off to buy while I waited in the car and when he came back with three coffees and three packets of food, I knew it had to be good.

And by George, they were all fantastic. We had the wagyu beef pastrami bagette, pistachio cupcake and the chocolate granache tart. Yumz... And I dun even fancy pistachios in the first place...

So this arvo, he came home after his presentation and off we went again. And I swear, afternoon tea with the husband and those yummy pistachio cupcakes is just a wonderful experience. It's nice that we still do things like that..

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