Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Night Out

Last night, I met the mommies of the Mother's group for a farewell dinner @ Ladro's.

Lee's flying off to Europe for three months so they've organized a sending off dinner for her. BUT it turned out that she had migraine for the entire day and couldn't make it for dinner.

The rest of us did end up having a really nice time. We spent time talking about everything under the sun. The pizzas were yummy. I'm still thinking of their desserts.

Ladro's meant to be one of the best pizza restaurants in Melbourne and I love their atmosphere. It was packed on a Wednesday night and that clearly speaks volume of its appeal. I'm gonna bring Darien there for dinner sometime this week.

I dun think we miss having the kids there. Not at all.

And when it was close to midnight, the poor waiter had to bring the check over so that we can pay. The ladies did leave a really nice tip though. We were the last to leave, afterall.

As for me, it's a nice break. Afterall, the boys are driving me a lil insane these past weeks. It's been quite a nightmare just bringing them out alone. The tantrums have been monstrous. And I am doing a lot of disciplining that I would have liked to.

That is why, I am quite comfortable to leave the boys @ home with their daddy at least once a week now so that I can go do my stuff without having to constantly preen and ponder over them.

Only my dear husband understands what I go through. He knew how much I needed to have some ME time... so as I was about to be dropped off, he kissed me goodbye and told me to have a good time.

Which was what I did.

And it made me a happier person and mommy.

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