Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Night @ Bistro Vue

Vue de Monde has always had a special spot in my heart.

My hubbi brought me there for a random meal.. we were luckyy to get seats and then we went back there for my 23rd birthday. Back then, it was still located at Carlton. They have since moved to the city.

The food's always been fantastic and it's presentation spectacular. They are absolutely worth every Chef Hat's they've ever got. We got the chance to speak to its owner cum chef, Shannon Bennett, who is an interesting person to converse with.
The setting

We had initially wanted to go to Rockpool at Crown for lunch today but it was closed for Saturday lunch. So we headed to Koko but the kitchen was already closed. So we ended up having lunch @ the food court. I was just lamenting about how disappointed I was about it all to the hubbi. And he was just smirking at how unfortunate I was. Haha...

So tonight, on spur of a moment, we booked a table @
Bistro Vue. The not so formal version of Vue. And we got Ms D to come along... partly to have an extra set of hands for child minding purposes. :p

At a really late 930pm, we arrived cos we could not find parking at all. Sighz.

But the hostess was really pleasant when she greeted us upon arrival. It didn't phase them that we had kids with us. Kudos to them! Rockpool was the only other place that was quite child friendly as well.

Bistro Vue has a cellar door feel to it. It feels like we are lost in some vineyard and having a meal there. I love its vintage crockery. And the service was, as usual, impeccable.

oysters for me!

Now Vue is known for not stingeing on their ingredients and I wasn't surprised to see that they serve Lescure butter for their bread.

We had oysters for entree. And to my surprise, my lil Kayden took an instant liking to it. He was slurping up the oysters and their juices enthusiastically. Darien was just as surprised to see how much he loved it that he was taking pictures of him eating it.

Our mains were really nicely done as well. The steak was chargrilled to perfection and my duck was yummy with its lentils base, which Kayden enjoyed too.

Despite our late arrival, the kitchen still remained open to serve our desserts, which were amazing! I was quite impressed. At no time were we being rushed to finish our meals. In fact, the service staff were friendly and efficient but yet, they left us to dine in peace and have our own small talk.

The best part was our boys. They were on their best behaviour. So we actually got to sit down to enjoy our wine and food, without all the running around. Even the waiter was saying that they were really well behaved. I was really pleased at how well the entire evening went.

**** **** ****** **** **** **** ***** **** ***** **** ****** **** ***** **** *****

Darien reckons that as parents of two, we are having it pretty good. At least, we have a life. We still socialise and we get to dine at nice places. Have time with friends and time to enjoy life a lil. And I kinda agree.

I realised that I dun complain much these days. I am really blessed in many ways. I have a wonderful partner loves me more than anything else. And, more importantly, I love him just as much back. And he really spoils me in more ways than one. I love how I can just talk to him about anything, and that includes my crazy shopping habits. He works really hard for us and yet he never whinged once about all that work. He adores the boys and not once has he ever lost his cool with them. In fact, he finds their antics amusing. Fab Daddy, ya?

We always say that we are thankful for our two lovely boys. They are so terribly adorable. And they are truly the best things that ever happened to us.

So with a tummy full of good food and wine, I thank God for my cozy lil family and all the lil blessings that life brings.

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