Friday, March 02, 2007

Kampung Days

The great grandpa.

We went into Malaysia on the fifth day of CNY as Darien wanted to show Baby J to his grandpa.
Round Two...

And so after a three hour drive, we were @ the kampung where his relatives stay. And I tell you life cannot be any simpler or more primitive than that. They live in a house with zinc roof and they still had the ancient type of food storage cabinets. Quite amazing.

The food storage cabinet on the left... my grandma had one too in our old house!

Now I've never been a kampung girl so some parts of their lifestyle are a different cuppa tea from what I am used to but I can still tahan for a few hours.

I bet Ellen D didn't think her show would be screened here.

Most of his relatives there are really really nice. Especially his Oldest Aunt who remembered that I loved her chicken wings and she cooked them while we were there. O and her home made ang ku kuays are well worth the mention too. Yumz.

How cute is he?! Cheerio!

We spent the day there and then headed back to SG for the night. But I tell ya, this lil visit made Darien's papa's day. He was so happy we made an effort to visit that he made an exception and brought those authentic kampung durians out for my folks when we went home. They were delish! No wonder he refuses to touch the ones in SG.


  1. Was that Kayden sleeping in the sarong?

  2. ya.. he still sleeps in one occasionally. :)


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