Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The B.I.G. 30

We were lucky to have babysitters for the night.

I had planned for this dinner on a last minute basis. Couldn't decide btw a couple of different places.

So in the end, I settled on Matteo's. Down @ Fitzroy North.

We've always wanted to dine there but didn't have the chance to. Actually we've had it set in our heads that we would probably never get to fine dine again cos we of babysitting issues.

So we got dressed and then settled the boys before going off. And I kept him guessing.. He thought we were going to Interlude and then later on, he got it rite. Dammit! The route that I drove was too obvious to hide! Hmpf!

Anyway dinner was lovely. I had oysters for entrees while the husband had his seafood trio. And my oysters were sooooo yummy that I ordered another serve for him! The waiter had a chuckle when the husband told him that I insisted on him trying. No regrets, rite?

Mains were so so... but dessert... man... it was TDF!!!

We had the sharing plate and it was terribly indulgent. It came with the melted chocolate pudding, coconut pannacotta with fairy floss, creme brulee with seasonal fruits, strawberry sorbet and pistachio crepes! Oh my... we thought we died and ended up in heaven.

We spent the night talking and talking and talking. Oh and looking @ this lady sitting across us who kept gawking @ her own engagement ring. I mean, literally, she'll take a sip of wine and stared at her straightened ring finger. Then she'll flip her hand and do the same thing. You get the picture. Newly engaged, we say!

It was a good night. We like spending times like this together. Just us and no chasing after toddlers or wiping spews!

Happy Birthday, Hunni! I cannot believe that you are getting this old! But as they say the older you are, the more charming you get. I love ya just the way u are. Happy days!

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