Friday, March 30, 2007


We wanna go watch Verekai by Cirque du Soleil and was debating if we should bring Kayden there. And the hubbi doesn't think that it is a good idea. He thinks that the lil one is not old enough to enjoy it...

So I guess it's just us I supposed.

Need to find babysitters and book tickets!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


It has been a terribly exhausting week for us.

Darien has been working insane hours for the last fortnight and thus, I've gotta put in extra hours of babysitting. :(

It's a good thing the boys are behaving. They've been really good these coupla days. And their appetites are amazing too. Both of them are loving their fruits and vegs. So that makes mommy happy too. And recently they've started playing together.. all the more I'm thrilled.

Ok I better go to bed now. Serious eye lid closure!

The Weather's Changing

So we've turned the clocks back by an hour last weekend... but the weather is still almost the same, other than the early sunset every evening.

With the current drought that we are facing, it is quite hard to fathom how crazy the weather has become lately. The same goes for the ski season. I really doubt this season would come early. We are hoping for a good one this time round so that we can make a trip up to the mountains for some snowboarding and skiing. Especially since we missed out on the last two cos I was pregnant with the boys.

Well, we can only pray the climate change would only get better cos the effects of global warming is so obvious now that it's not funny.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Of Pistachio Goodness and Such

So the Vue obsession continues...

I'd asked the husband to go for brekkie @ Cafe Vue on Tuesday morn because (a) Kayden was in Daycare, and (b) I had an Illy coffee craving.

He could only go for a quick bite and so after several rounds of the inability to find parking, we had to settle for takeaway.

I sent him off to buy while I waited in the car and when he came back with three coffees and three packets of food, I knew it had to be good.

And by George, they were all fantastic. We had the wagyu beef pastrami bagette, pistachio cupcake and the chocolate granache tart. Yumz... And I dun even fancy pistachios in the first place...

So this arvo, he came home after his presentation and off we went again. And I swear, afternoon tea with the husband and those yummy pistachio cupcakes is just a wonderful experience. It's nice that we still do things like that..

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

When Two's Betta than One

First we go this way...

Now we go the other way!

OooOps mama... did i do something wrong?

Oh boy the fighting is just beginning

Smiley Kiddos

Let me show you how it's done.

Look Mommy... I can sit on my own and read now!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Night @ Bistro Vue

Vue de Monde has always had a special spot in my heart.

My hubbi brought me there for a random meal.. we were luckyy to get seats and then we went back there for my 23rd birthday. Back then, it was still located at Carlton. They have since moved to the city.

The food's always been fantastic and it's presentation spectacular. They are absolutely worth every Chef Hat's they've ever got. We got the chance to speak to its owner cum chef, Shannon Bennett, who is an interesting person to converse with.
The setting

We had initially wanted to go to Rockpool at Crown for lunch today but it was closed for Saturday lunch. So we headed to Koko but the kitchen was already closed. So we ended up having lunch @ the food court. I was just lamenting about how disappointed I was about it all to the hubbi. And he was just smirking at how unfortunate I was. Haha...

So tonight, on spur of a moment, we booked a table @
Bistro Vue. The not so formal version of Vue. And we got Ms D to come along... partly to have an extra set of hands for child minding purposes. :p

At a really late 930pm, we arrived cos we could not find parking at all. Sighz.

But the hostess was really pleasant when she greeted us upon arrival. It didn't phase them that we had kids with us. Kudos to them! Rockpool was the only other place that was quite child friendly as well.

Bistro Vue has a cellar door feel to it. It feels like we are lost in some vineyard and having a meal there. I love its vintage crockery. And the service was, as usual, impeccable.

oysters for me!

Now Vue is known for not stingeing on their ingredients and I wasn't surprised to see that they serve Lescure butter for their bread.

We had oysters for entree. And to my surprise, my lil Kayden took an instant liking to it. He was slurping up the oysters and their juices enthusiastically. Darien was just as surprised to see how much he loved it that he was taking pictures of him eating it.

Our mains were really nicely done as well. The steak was chargrilled to perfection and my duck was yummy with its lentils base, which Kayden enjoyed too.

Despite our late arrival, the kitchen still remained open to serve our desserts, which were amazing! I was quite impressed. At no time were we being rushed to finish our meals. In fact, the service staff were friendly and efficient but yet, they left us to dine in peace and have our own small talk.

The best part was our boys. They were on their best behaviour. So we actually got to sit down to enjoy our wine and food, without all the running around. Even the waiter was saying that they were really well behaved. I was really pleased at how well the entire evening went.

**** **** ****** **** **** **** ***** **** ***** **** ****** **** ***** **** *****

Darien reckons that as parents of two, we are having it pretty good. At least, we have a life. We still socialise and we get to dine at nice places. Have time with friends and time to enjoy life a lil. And I kinda agree.

I realised that I dun complain much these days. I am really blessed in many ways. I have a wonderful partner loves me more than anything else. And, more importantly, I love him just as much back. And he really spoils me in more ways than one. I love how I can just talk to him about anything, and that includes my crazy shopping habits. He works really hard for us and yet he never whinged once about all that work. He adores the boys and not once has he ever lost his cool with them. In fact, he finds their antics amusing. Fab Daddy, ya?

We always say that we are thankful for our two lovely boys. They are so terribly adorable. And they are truly the best things that ever happened to us.

So with a tummy full of good food and wine, I thank God for my cozy lil family and all the lil blessings that life brings.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


He cannot get any cuter than that!
It melts my heart everytime I see this picture!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I was asked by the hubbi if I wanted to join him in Sydney next month. He's gonna head up for his annual conference and asked if I wanna tag along.

BUT the condition is that I have to bring the kids up there myself cos he would have to leave a lil earlier in the week.

With that, I declined his offer and opted to stay in Melbourne.

Nobody sane enough would want to travel with luggage, a pram and two kids. That is clear insanity.

Thank God, a galfriend came to my rescue and now we are all heading up north.

I can't wait. Friends to meet. Shopping to conquer. Food to devour. And a husband to see, whom I would sorely miss when he is gone!

Two Rascals

Okie... so the monthly growth updates have clearly stalled... becos the boys have had me so busy that I'm just too tired to write or let alone think. Mainly, I'm just lazy.

Baby J, growing up strong, is terribly endearing at almost seven months of age. He has two lower front teeth and an incredibly cute smile. That said, he's found his voice. A really loud one at that. And he has no issues using it to grumble or to get our attention. Other babies would coo and goo goo ga ga... but my second lil man would not have any of that.

He is a strong fella who's managed to plough himself up to table top position several times a day now. And he would tease us by doing that rocking motion... as if he's gonna start crawling. O boy when that day comes, it would seriously mean double trouble.

That said, he picks who he likes now. And leans forward to asked to be carried. He can sit for a lil while on his own but he would make sure that there's someone behind him to fall back on.

Food's one of his greatest loves now. My kids cannot tolerate hunger. Just like their Daddy. They have to eat and it has to be good. Or else, it would end up everywhere else but the stomach. Go figure where they got that from. :S

Also, the two kiddos are starting to look alike. [Although I'm always asked if I have a boy and a girl.] Kayden is also starting to enjoy Baby J's company. He would hug him when he wakes up and attend to him when he cries.

He still has no idea of the magnitude of his strength but the lil one is used to being smacked "affectionately" by his older brother.

There would be times now when Darien would just sigh and say, "Aren't they cute?"

And I'd say... "They are, Hun. But you haven't seen their horns yet!"

Anyway here's one of the lil guy!


O man... I feel like a dozen horses have just been let loose and they've all ran over me..

Terribly tired. How I do this on a daily basis, I dun know.

But the sun would rise again tomorrow and the show will begin again.

Arghz... I think I need to take a bath and go to bed soon. :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

How I miss her so...

Was going through the archives when I found thes pics of my Ah-Ma. And they will now be immortalised thru this blog.

I've always said that she saves her greatest smiles for her grandkids

Look @ the difference with Mom.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Easter Break

We are going away for Easter...

We found a beach house in Philip Island and it's right in front of the surf beach...

A couple of days away from the city life... which would no doubt be really quiet as everyone would be away.

It would be good for the boys. We like getaways. Time with friends. Loads of good food. Warm cuddles with the husband.

And a chance to recharge and refresh ourselves.

It will be good.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

In Celebration

SooOOooo... last night during dinner, Tanya happened to mention that her husband is currently tasting the 2005 vintage wine to find a good bottle to mark the year of their only daughter's birth.

And I thought that it was a brillant idea.

Not unique cos it's been done before BUT it never did cross our minds to do it for our own kids.

So I think I'm gonna send me hubbi on a mission to get a couple of good '05 and '06 bottles for the boys so that they've got something to crack open on both their 18th and 21st birthdays! Unless he's been doing it behind my back already?!

My New Love in Action

Just for you Hubbi! Loving it!
Another 2.55, soon?

A Night Out

Last night, I met the mommies of the Mother's group for a farewell dinner @ Ladro's.

Lee's flying off to Europe for three months so they've organized a sending off dinner for her. BUT it turned out that she had migraine for the entire day and couldn't make it for dinner.

The rest of us did end up having a really nice time. We spent time talking about everything under the sun. The pizzas were yummy. I'm still thinking of their desserts.

Ladro's meant to be one of the best pizza restaurants in Melbourne and I love their atmosphere. It was packed on a Wednesday night and that clearly speaks volume of its appeal. I'm gonna bring Darien there for dinner sometime this week.

I dun think we miss having the kids there. Not at all.

And when it was close to midnight, the poor waiter had to bring the check over so that we can pay. The ladies did leave a really nice tip though. We were the last to leave, afterall.

As for me, it's a nice break. Afterall, the boys are driving me a lil insane these past weeks. It's been quite a nightmare just bringing them out alone. The tantrums have been monstrous. And I am doing a lot of disciplining that I would have liked to.

That is why, I am quite comfortable to leave the boys @ home with their daddy at least once a week now so that I can go do my stuff without having to constantly preen and ponder over them.

Only my dear husband understands what I go through. He knew how much I needed to have some ME time... so as I was about to be dropped off, he kissed me goodbye and told me to have a good time.

Which was what I did.

And it made me a happier person and mommy.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Morning Pix

What I woke up to this morning. I thank God every single day for each and every one of them for the joy that they bring, the love that we share and the naughty things that they do. I would not trade anything in this world for them. Am I a lucky gal, or what?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Stella McCartney

Dawn and I got up early to go to Target to queue up for the Stella McCartney launch.

She was quite reluctant to believe that there would be crazy people queueing prior to the store opening. I've convinced her that it is a definite possibility.

So we got there fifteen minutes before the store opened and there was a massive crowd built up already.

Needless to say, there was a lot of pushing and grabbing when the doors open. People were literally grabbing things off the shelves, the racks and yes, the mannequins. It was like a mob.

It was an experience to go thru. Some people are so rude that it's not funny. It was a good thing that there were no fighting @ the store that we were at. Cos it happened at some other stores.

After two hours of cojoling with the crowd and feeling really hungry and tired, we were good to go. We had swapped stuff and got what we wanted.

All I got was a birdprint teeshirt, which I love. I was quite pleased that I didn't overspend on this. Nothing was really TDF.

It's a great notion and a pretty decent range. BUT not one that I would pick up a fight with someone else over. It's just not worth it.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The BIG Gift

My New Love

My dearest husband bought me this very lovely bag today! Needless to say, I'm terribly grateful cos I've been searching for it high and low for a really long time. And it is really divine...

He seriously spoils me and yes, I know that!

There is no one else like you, Dear. You've made me the happiest girl ever. Only you understand!

O man... I am so deliriously excited now!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The B.I.G. 30

We were lucky to have babysitters for the night.

I had planned for this dinner on a last minute basis. Couldn't decide btw a couple of different places.

So in the end, I settled on Matteo's. Down @ Fitzroy North.

We've always wanted to dine there but didn't have the chance to. Actually we've had it set in our heads that we would probably never get to fine dine again cos we of babysitting issues.

So we got dressed and then settled the boys before going off. And I kept him guessing.. He thought we were going to Interlude and then later on, he got it rite. Dammit! The route that I drove was too obvious to hide! Hmpf!

Anyway dinner was lovely. I had oysters for entrees while the husband had his seafood trio. And my oysters were sooooo yummy that I ordered another serve for him! The waiter had a chuckle when the husband told him that I insisted on him trying. No regrets, rite?

Mains were so so... but dessert... man... it was TDF!!!

We had the sharing plate and it was terribly indulgent. It came with the melted chocolate pudding, coconut pannacotta with fairy floss, creme brulee with seasonal fruits, strawberry sorbet and pistachio crepes! Oh my... we thought we died and ended up in heaven.

We spent the night talking and talking and talking. Oh and looking @ this lady sitting across us who kept gawking @ her own engagement ring. I mean, literally, she'll take a sip of wine and stared at her straightened ring finger. Then she'll flip her hand and do the same thing. You get the picture. Newly engaged, we say!

It was a good night. We like spending times like this together. Just us and no chasing after toddlers or wiping spews!

Happy Birthday, Hunni! I cannot believe that you are getting this old! But as they say the older you are, the more charming you get. I love ya just the way u are. Happy days!

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Pre 3 0 Celebration

My beloved hubbi is turning the big 3 0 tomorrow.

So to celebrate I decided to have a lunch down @ Yarra Valley... in much regards to his love for food and wine.

Food Food Food

We gathered the troops and took an hour drive out of the city. And it was a lovely time catching up with our friends. Especially Tini, who's back for a holiday... she's doing so well now in her career that it makes me so proud!

Food was as usual indulgent. We cracked open two bottles of bubbly and two more bottles of wine.

Kayden had a lot of fun just walking around the restaurant, but he was doing it so much that the manager had to tell Darien to put him back in his seat. Which of course, didn't last really long. Oh well.. there's only so much patience in a seventeen month old.

He did, however, managed to last an entire duration of the main course. So he was just sitting there with the rest of us eating. Which was a big relief. [and break from all that walking]

We went to the cellar door cos the guys wanted to buy a few bottles of wine home so Tini and I just sat outside and chatted. Man.. I miss that gal. It's been eons since she was still living here.

At Coldstream Hills

Later on, we went to Coldstream Hills for more wine. And by then I was beat. But the weather was too nice to not stay outdoors for just a lil more.

Just look at his mischevious grin?!

We finally called it quits after that and headed home for MJ! Terribly enjoyable. My husband always enjoy a good game of MJ.

I think he had fun. He looked pleased as punch all throughout the day. And I do like a good celebration for my favorite guy of all time, despite him getting a lil old now. :p

Friday, March 02, 2007

Kampung Days

The great grandpa.

We went into Malaysia on the fifth day of CNY as Darien wanted to show Baby J to his grandpa.
Round Two...

And so after a three hour drive, we were @ the kampung where his relatives stay. And I tell you life cannot be any simpler or more primitive than that. They live in a house with zinc roof and they still had the ancient type of food storage cabinets. Quite amazing.

The food storage cabinet on the left... my grandma had one too in our old house!

Now I've never been a kampung girl so some parts of their lifestyle are a different cuppa tea from what I am used to but I can still tahan for a few hours.

I bet Ellen D didn't think her show would be screened here.

Most of his relatives there are really really nice. Especially his Oldest Aunt who remembered that I loved her chicken wings and she cooked them while we were there. O and her home made ang ku kuays are well worth the mention too. Yumz.

How cute is he?! Cheerio!

We spent the day there and then headed back to SG for the night. But I tell ya, this lil visit made Darien's papa's day. He was so happy we made an effort to visit that he made an exception and brought those authentic kampung durians out for my folks when we went home. They were delish! No wonder he refuses to touch the ones in SG.

Nikon D40

On our annual trip back to SG, we would usually get a new digital camera or some photography thingo.

But the one that we've current got is still in relatively good condition and still quite up to date in terms of recording and megapixels.

So when we hopped down to Sim Lim to get a computer for Darien's papa's store, we went to our usual haunt to peruse and see what's new. And everything is so cheap now that it's not funny.

We've clearly ran out of things to buy now. So Darien's friend showed me the Nikon D40... I had a play with it and I really like the step up from the normal digital cam. But if I was going to upgrade, I would like something expandable and that would be the D70, which is $$$ more.

But the husband said to hold off for a bit. He actually wanted me to go buy a normal SLR to play with the actual functions before committing. Boo hoo! But I dun wanna use film!

Anyway we didn't buy it in the end... I figured I better go do my reviews before putting my $ down. :(

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Too Much of a Good Thing

The husband is terribly addicted to his cheena serial.

So much so that he's been watching episode after episode of it till the wee hours of the night for the past few days. And then getting up real early to go to work.

And becos of that, he's starting to feel the effects of his sleep-reduced nights. Me thinks he's caught the flu.

So he's been banned from watching the telly today. Took his medication and he scooted off to bed.

Sighz... and I thought he would have a lil bit more self control. I guess wrong. *shakes head*
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