Sunday, February 25, 2007

Back Home

Kayden with his great grandma...

The SG trip was really gratifying. We ate a lot. The best part was time spent with family and friends. Found out good info on our long term plans. The boys got to spend time with the folks and their cousins. Kayden adores his uncle and his YiYi. And Baby J was lapping up the attention given by his grandparents and relos. They both grew up so much in the last two weeks. The hubbi and I had time to pak tor a few times too! Hee!

The CNY was interesting and it did take its toll on our waking hours. The husband termed it the working holiday.

Anyway we just got back today and spent it snoozing. And it's still not enough to fully reenergize us.

I will leave you with some random pictures of the trip for now.. will continue tomorrow.

Mom and Baby J @ AMK.

Nothing more exciting than cookies

With his fave Yiyi who spoilt him rotten

Lunch @ Joo Chiat

CNY Day 1

Daddy and Baby J

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