Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The daddy and baby that yawns together sticks together

One day before we came back to Melbourne, we had lunch @ Dian Xiao Er with Darien's extended family. The food was good but I was too busy entertaining the two kids to have a complete meal.

Right after, we walked around a lil before settling down @ Corduroy Cafe for some cuppas. Their rhubarb crumble and vanilla custards were yumz. I would go back there again but my husband begs to differ. He thinks it's quite average. :(

How cute is he?! So much like his Daddy...

I like Vivocity. Has an organic supermart there and now that the crazy crowd has died down, it's a lil bit more pleasant to walk around now.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Valentine's Day

The boys in the suite

This year's Valentine's day was a lil special... we actually got to spend it together without the kids!

My cousins agreed to babysit for the day and we were terribly grateful to have lunch @ Iggy's down at Regent Hotel.

We felt like it was dating in the old days. Just us driving through town and then hopping into the restaurants. People didn't even think that we were parents. In fact, I guess people thought that I was my husband's silly young galfriend. Anyway I digress.

Iggy's was a pleasant experience. Food was decent. I wish they had a more comprehensive description of their wines rather than just stating the brand name & country. Desserts were their strengths, I guess. Overall it was a good meal. I wouldn't count it to be the best culinary experience that I have, even though they are rated in the top five in the AsiaPac region. I think dining is more elaborate and exquisite here in Oz.

As our car was parked in Traders, we hopped over to collect the complimentary ticket. That was when the sneaky fella gave me the biggest surprise. We follwed my sister to view the suites and then next thing I knew there was champagne, flowers and strawberries inside it. Then it all clicked. He booked the suite! He collaborated with my sister on this. :p

I gave his some slack on how conventionally singaporean he is... haha... but in the end it worked out well. He never fails to surprise me... I swear. I always try to catch his bad but it never worked! He has too many tricks up his sleeves!

We ran some errands later and bought a cake from Awfully Chocolate to thank my cousins for their babysitting. Then went back there to spend the night.

The next day we took the kids there to play. Wanted to swim but it rained so it was a no go. Kayden had fun just walking around the entire suite.

So that was it... another Valentine's day with the same man that I fell in love with five years back!

Pigging out on cookies @ the lounge

Cheeky boi...

The big comfy bed... We need one for our room!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Chinese New Year

We are still quite knackered from the time difference since we got back. The poor dude has to go to work today. The kids are tired too so they are both taking an unusually long arvo nap.

Anyway the purpose of this trip back is to celebrate CNY with the family. It was a time for Darien and I to catch up with our respective relos and friends too. Overall, we had a swell time. The hubbi got to play ball and hang out with his friends. I too got to meet up with my gals.. which i was so so happy to do.

We realized that we had several groups from friends from different stages of our lives and we are blessed to be surrounded by all these great people.

The trip was a lil exhausting too due to the decision to bring a SINGLE pram back home to use. Simply becos our buggy would be too big for the aisles and lifts in SG. Especially with the terrible attitudes that Singaporeans have. They simply won't give way to the pram... they would instead try to worm their way ahead of it. *tsk tsk*

Anyway only one kid could sit in the pram and that was usually the lil one. Becos Kayden has found his feet, he was quite happy to wander around the malls. But that was a major headache too cos he was just going his own way, and not considering our agenda at all.

We were lucky and grateful to have a fair bit of babysitters around and that is the beauty about having family around. It frees Darien and I to have some time to ourselves.

Chinese New Year was fun. The husband and I got to see the extended family and show them the boys. They totally adored them. Kayden was really whingey about people carrying him but he loved having the older kids around. He wanted to be like them.

Reunion Dinner @ my home

My bro's 22nd Birthday... dessert post reunion dinner! Yumz.

My hot husband *literally* and boy!

The Tan Cousins 07

Baby J and his aunty Angie

Baby J mucking around with Grandpa. Can you imagine he's turning six months only?

I told my hubbi how wonderful I think he is. He is a generous soul who has no issues helping people out and does things for both his family and mine. He would go out of his way to drive people around and pick them up. He also left a great impression with my relos and they would just kept talking to him. He never once whinged about having to go to the extra mile for me. It's really nice to see the rewards of that by the bonds that my boys have with both families. And I love that he does it for both sides... afterall, we are parents and we would like to set an example for our kids to follow in treating their elders.

He also made plans for us to have some personal activities and was quite the romantic, despite my practicality that almost killed him. *sorry*

I love ya hunni. Good trip back. ya?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Boy in the Air

On the plane ride back

Feng Yun

I never thought of this day ever happening in my life.

Sitting on the couch next to my cheena husband, watching a taiwanese serial.

The ex Chinese High alum is seriously into his chinese ancient tales and since our cable is down... I am now watching this crazy show with him..

Ah... the wonders of marriage.

Back Home

Kayden with his great grandma...

The SG trip was really gratifying. We ate a lot. The best part was time spent with family and friends. Found out good info on our long term plans. The boys got to spend time with the folks and their cousins. Kayden adores his uncle and his YiYi. And Baby J was lapping up the attention given by his grandparents and relos. They both grew up so much in the last two weeks. The hubbi and I had time to pak tor a few times too! Hee!

The CNY was interesting and it did take its toll on our waking hours. The husband termed it the working holiday.

Anyway we just got back today and spent it snoozing. And it's still not enough to fully reenergize us.

I will leave you with some random pictures of the trip for now.. will continue tomorrow.

Mom and Baby J @ AMK.

Nothing more exciting than cookies

With his fave Yiyi who spoilt him rotten

Lunch @ Joo Chiat

CNY Day 1

Daddy and Baby J

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Cut

Tuesdays are childcare days.

I get a day of break from my older child and the lil one gets to enjoy Mommy's full attention for a day.

I got a call from the childcare center's director in the middle of the day. My first thought was something must've happened with Kayden.

Turns out the lil fella tripped and fell onto the table and cut his chin. Aiyah!

I was a lil shocked by the news but I figured there was no need to panic. Things like that happen all the time with kids. She's sounded really concerned and was rather keen to reassure me that he was fine. The gals were putting a cold compress on him while she spoke.

So I told her to give him a lil treat and lotsa cuddles. And that was what she did I supposed.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

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