Monday, January 08, 2007


Okay so having cake and coffee after dinner is definitely not good for sleep.

It was, however, relaxing and good for the soul. Something that we dun usually do on a weeknight.

I am, to a certain extent, still mad at Darien. So I guess that contributes to my insomnia.

So now I'm just listening to girlie hits on YouTube. It's awesome. Like my online itunes. Fab Fab stuff. Songs that I've not heard for a long time like Sade's "By Your side" and "Vogue" by Madonna.

It reminded me that Britney Spears used to look so much better. Her songs were catchier too. Such a pity that she didn't know what to do with her life.

Ahhh... okay, clearly that is the caffeine speaking. I better go.


  1. Wah, your husband must have done something that really upset you, for so many days already. Hope you cheer up soon :)

  2. ahhh... tales of his behavior will not be spoken publicly but clearly it's not a specific act but an accumulation.

    He's been trying to make it up... :)

    Thanks for asking.. :)


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